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About the Book

We find ourselves at some time in the future "After the Revolution", following the trials and tribulations of Jay, an adjuster/investigator who represents a vague computer system called WorldNet. It uses him as a check and balance to ensure that its decisions are correct and humane. He also catches and adjusts people who misuse resources and cause other kinds of mayhem. Jay believes he is an amalgam, a person who committed terrible crimes and was punished by having other people's memories forced into his head until he gained a sense of empathy and understood what he had done. He atones by helping WorldNet.

Odine was one of the founders of the Revolution and her quotes and musings pepper the book. Parts of her story are woven into the book. She became a national hero after committing a murder. She was also made like Jay, but in a different way. Her crime and what happened around it are known as the attack of common sense.

As Jay attempts to unravel the mystery of a priest drowned in his font he fights with flashbacks from his creation and discovers unsettling things about himself. He is pursued by the shadowy figure of Kervas, who might have helped to make Odine many years ago.

About the Author

Francis Fish
Francis Fish

Born 1959 in Edinburgh. Father was a doctor and university lecturer in psychiatry and Mother had been psychiatric ward sister. Both were of relatively humble origins. Father had been a prisoner of war. When Francis was about 5 they went to live in Liverpool because Father had been asked to take up the newly created professorship there. They lived in the grounds of the now long-gone lunatic asylum while they looked for somewhere to live. Eventually they ended up living in a big house in the suburbs on the South of the city.

Eventually he gained a degree in Applied Statistics and Computing in 1987 and has earned his living writing software ever since. He is a British Canoe Union qualified level 3 kayak instructor. He is married to a six foot red head; they have two children and live in a big house in Birkenhead. He is committed Buddhist.

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Table of Contents

  • Fragment 1: Blood and sand
  • No when: Angel: Dream Time
  • 2008: Carole: Only I lived to tale
  • 2231: Jay: Blood and Sand
  • 2040: Odine: Autobiographical Notes
  • Fragment 2: The first cut
  • No when: Angel: Mother’s Arms
  • 1994: Kervas: A Life in vitro
  • 2042: Carole: Latency
  • 2031: Odine: Impossible Cyclopaedia – on the definition of Human
  • Fragment 3: Is deepest red
  • 2026: Carole: What colour is this?
  • No when: Angel: Paradise
  • 2022: Carole: At home with the Jetsons
  • 2045: Odine: Think!
  • Fragment 4: Cutting
  • No when: Angel: The shape of pain
  • 2231: Jay: Searching and sorting
  • 2231: Jay: The journey
  • 2031: Odine: The One Law
  • Fragment 5: Examinations
  • No when: Angel: Stretching a point
  • 2231: Jay: Musings and Research
  • 2231: Jay: Jaw Jaw
  • 2231: Jay: Amalgam fragments
  • 2052: Odine: Biographical Notes
  • Fragment 6: Immortal Invisible
  • No when: Angel: Red seeds
  • 2231: Jay: I lay flowers on my grave
  • 2040: Odine: Founding Congress of the Withering State Party
  • 2231: Jay: Perchance to wake
  • Fragment 7: Dead on Arrival
  • No when: Angel: Refactoring
  • 2035: Odine: Address to the Dissolution of the Progressive Party
  • 2175: Kervas: What nobody knows
  • 2017: Carole: Wet Monday
  • 1997: Eddie: Screaming from the Streets
  • 2018: Carole: The Attack of Common Sense
  • 2030: Odine: The Blacksmith’s Anvil
  • Fragment 8: Force Majeure
  • No when: Angel: Dukkha
  • 2017: Carole: No hope of a white wedding
  • 2231: Jay: Them Thar Hills
  • 2314: Jay: First, Cut Deeper – Jump Cut!
  • 1994: Jay: Cold is goodbye
  • 2231: Jay: Coming up for air
  • 2231: Jay: Breathing again
  • 2022: Odine: Confession
  • Fragment 9: War War
  • No when: Angel: The butterfly curve
  • 2018: Kervas: The Church of Small Martyrs
  • 2040: Odine: Heroine
  • 2231: Jay: Running out of change
  • 2231: Jay: Spinning
  • 2231: Jay: The inch
  • 1987: Mare: Destruction of now
  • 2231: Jay: Beat back the blues
  • 2231: Jay: Run for your life
  • 2041: Odine: Letter to Fragmentation Review
  • Fragment 10: Fire
  • No when: Mother: Where has my darling gone?
  • 2042: Odine: The other way
  • 2020: Carole: Doctor, doctor?
  • 2017: Carole: Blue Murder
  • 2223: Jay: Punishments
  • 2219: Joe Oracle: Exclusion
  • 2221: Terd Gevalt: Inclusion
  • 2223: Jay: Law like Love
  • 2235: Robert the Spider: Embargo
  • 2093: Odine: Beyond Common Sense
  • Fragment 11: I lay my bloody fingers on you
  • No when: Angel: Remember to breathe
  • 2023: Odine: Small Martyrs on Tour
  • 2022: Odine: Free Speech?
  • 2022: Odine: Deposition - All I said
  • 2223: Jay: Pranks and larks
  • 2223: Jay: Closing in
  • 2223: Jay: Quarry
  • 2025: Odine: Bored now
  • Fragment 12: Over the Rainbow
  • No when: Angel: Still
  • 2224: Jay: Killer Queen
  • 2024: Odine: The wounded continent
  • 2131: Jay: The Queen
  • 2025: Odine: I bought the company
  • 2131: Jay: Descent
  • 1972: Jay: Dead teachers don’t lie
  • 2131: Jay: Blue Murder
  • 2072: Odine: Trans Human
  • 2047: Kervas: But our chains
  • 2231: Jay: Slowtime
  • 2231: Odine: Silent watcher
  • 2231: Jay: The final hunt
  • 1984: Marjorie: Shot messenger
  • 2231: Jay: The Tigress
  • 2197: Odine: 101 Impossible things before breakfast
  • Fragment 13: Unlearning
  • No when: Angel: Reports of death
  • 2231: Jay: Double pump
  • 1994: Jay: Mortal
  • 2231: Jay: The Word
  • 2231: Jay: The Deed
  • 2072: Odine: Socrates and Plato
  • No fragment
  • After the revolution

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