Technologies Shaping the Future of Pharma
Technologies Shaping the Future of Pharma
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Technologies Shaping the Future of Pharma

Last updated on 2018-02-18

About the Book

We designed this e-book to serve as a collection of relevant examples, best practices and exciting ideas that can help any pharmaceutical company prepare for change. Many pharma companies have been trying to hop on the “digital train”. This e-book was meant to prove that instead of a train of innovation, stakeholders should think in terms of spaceships and while there is still time to embrace digital health and patient empowerment, those that do it faster will get exponentially ahead of their competitors.

About the Author

Bertalan Mesko
Bertalan Mesko

Dr. Bertalan Meskó, PhD is The Medical Futurist. A geek physician with a PhD in genomics and Amazon Top 100 author, he envisions the impact of digital health technologies on the future of healthcare, and helps patients, doctors, government regulators and companies make it a reality.

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Technologies Shaping the Future of Pharma
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About the Contributors

Nora Rado
Nora Rado

Editor in Chief

Table of Contents

  • Patients will have more say in pharma
  • The product itself is not enough: digital health “around the pill”
    • Gamification
    • Digestibles
  • Artificial Intelligence will reshape pharma
  • 3D printing drugs
  • Precision medicine: pharmacogenomics and nutrigenomics
    • Pharmacogenomics
    • Nutrigenomics
  • The future of clinical trials: in silico trials and organs-on-chips
    • Online patient communities foster clinical trials
    • In silico trials
    • Organs-on-chips
    • Bioprinting
  • Robotics in pharma
  • New realities will change how we look at pharma
  • Nanotechnology appears in pharma
    • Microneedle patches and programmable nanoparticles
  • The future of the pharmaceutical supply chains
  • The future of health insurance
    • Insurance companies and employers partnering with digital health
    • Reimbursing digital health solutions
  • The future of pharmacies
    • Health management centres instead of drug distribution machines
    • Health consultancies instead of drug distribution machines
    • Personalizing therapies and printing out drugs on demand
  • In dire need of new FDA and drug regulations

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