The Future of Pharma
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The Future of Pharma

About the Bundle

COVID-19, Artificial Intelligence, and digital transformation are significantly shaping the future of pharma. The pandemic highlighted the need for innovation and investment in the industry. AI is accelerating drug development and clinical trials, improving patient outcomes. Digital transformation is enabling pharma companies to become more responsive, and tech giants entering healthcare create new opportunities and challenges. It is essential for pharma professionals and investors to stay informed and prepared.

The Future of Pharma Book Bundle is a collection of four essential books that delve into the latest trends and innovations that are transforming the pharmaceutical industry. Authored by Dr. Bertalan Meskó, PhD, a leading expert in digital health and healthcare innovation, these books offer practical guidance, and an in-depth exploration of the most pressing issues and challenges facing the pharma industry today, from drug development and clinical trials to patient engagement and digital health:

  1. Technologies Shaping the Future of Pharma
  2. A Guide to Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare
  3. Tech Giants in Healthcare
  4. Top 20 Digital Health Trends For The Near Future

As AI, digital health, and other emerging technologies continue to transform the pharma landscape, it is more important than ever for professionals and investors to stay informed and prepared.

The Future of Pharma Book Bundle is an essential resource for anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve and understand the trends that are shaping the future of the pharmaceutical industry. By offering practical guidance and visionary insights, the bundle empowers readers to prepare themselves for the challenges and opportunities of this exciting and rapidly changing field:

  • For pharma professionals, these books provide a roadmap to the most promising technologies and trends in the industry, empowering them to stay ahead of the curve and deliver better outcomes for patients.
  • For investors, the books offer a comprehensive overview of the most promising digital health trends and opportunities in the pharma industry.
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About the Books

Technologies Shaping the Future of Pharma

Helping the pharma industry prepare, anticipate and solve whatever digital health brings upon us. 45-day Money-back guarantee: If you're not satisfied, simply return the book and you get a full refund
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We designed this e-book to serve as a collection of relevant examples, best practices and exciting ideas that can help any pharmaceutical company prepare for change. Many pharma companies have been trying to hop on the “digital train”. This e-book was meant to prove that instead of a train of innovation, stakeholders should think in terms of spaceships and while there is still time to embrace digital health and patient empowerment, those that do it faster will get exponentially ahead of their competitors.

A Guide to Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Medical Professionals, A.I. And The Art Of Medicine. 45-day Money-back guarantee: If you're not satisfied, simply return the book and you get a full refund
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In the last couple of years, artificial intelligence moved from being a futuristic promise into a reference point for innovation. The technology also started to transform healthcare with great vigor. It’s high time to talk about what artificial intelligence brings to medicine.

  • What do machine learning, deep learning, or convolutional networks mean?
  • What are the most affected medical fields?
  • What are the greatest challenges for applying smart algorithms to healthcare settings?
  • What could the future bring?
  • What are the top use cases for artificial intelligence in healthcare during the next decade?
  • What are the benefits of the exchange of knowledge between humans and machines?
  • What social and ethical implications do we need to address?

Read The Medical Futurist’s guide to understand what you can anticipate from A.I. in healthcare and how to control this technology.

  • Understand: Get a clear overview of the key concepts.
  • Anticipate: Learn how to identify the opportunities and potential use cases of A.I. in healthcare and medicine.
  • Control: Recognize and act upon the risks and implications of artificial intelligence.

Top 20 Digital Health Trends For The Near Future

45-day Money-back guarantee: If you're not satisfied, simply return the book and you get a full refund
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In previous years, The Medical Futurist published annual e-books about digital health trends regarding potential developments that were worth keeping an eye on for that particular year. Based on our analyses and forecasts, these trends help give a bigger picture regarding the direction that the field was heading towards during that year; even though not all forecasts came to fruition.

This current e-book also shares our insights about noteworthy trends based on similar analyses. However, unlike our previous annual trends e-books, we do not restrict ourselves to a current year but look at the short-term future now, with the developments likely to happen in the next 2-5 years. Moreover, we don’t only focus on these insights but also help in providing context about those trends and relevant technologies in general.

In this book, we elaborate on 20 trends that we have been constantly monitoring and that we believe will have the most importance in shaping the digital health landscape in the near future:

  1. Patient empowerment is the biggest milestone in the history of medicine
  2. Lifestyle medicine is the redesign primary care has needed
  3. Globalised healthcare brings precision medicine to life
  4. Pharma companies & digital health: packaging a medication with a digital health service
  5. Direct-to-consumer genetic testing has an edge in drug sensitivity
  6. Nutrigenomics is the biggest promise of digital health
  7. Food scanners are lagging behind
  8. ECG devices have led the regulatory race for portable diagnostic devices
  9. A.I.-guided portable ultrasound devices are the unicorns of digital health
  10. The conscious health consumer of the future uses sensors and loses privacy
  11. Virtual visits and chatbots represent the new primary care
  12. Artificial Intelligence needs a prospective upgrade and the video game industry can help
  13. Bioprinting: It is possible to bioprint living tissues but not organs
  14. 3D printing can customize treatments and supplement the medical supply chain
  15. The automation race defines whether A.I. can outperform physicians
  16. COVID-19 has catalyzed technological adoption, but not the cultural one
  17. Mixed reality can transform virtual meetings and medical education
  18. Virtual reality can help ease pain for patients in the hospital
  19. Robots only roam rich hospitals and pharmacies
  20. Digital health insurance companies will have no competitors

Each section contains an aspect that we wanted to highlight about that technology or trend based on our analyses by studying the field for years. We also walk you through that area with relevant descriptions and examples that we find interesting. Additionally, we include further reading suggestions at the end of every section which you can turn to so as to dive deeper into the subject.

Tech Giants in Healthcare

45-day Money-back guarantee: If you're not satisfied, simply return the book and you get a full refund
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Big tech companies like Amazon, Google/Alphabet, Apple, IBM and Microsoft are taking their move into healthcare and medicine seriously. They are developing new, health-related features on their platforms. They are also teaming up with research institutions and developers to create new tools for patients, doctors and other stakeholder in medicine – and they are heavily investing in partnerships with start-ups or launching new ventures. This guide details how and why the move of the big tech companies happens to healthcare.

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