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About the Book

A light-hearted thriller introducing Mac & Jennie. Some samples ...


"401 and 622 are out," she said, dropping room keys on the

counter. "Oh, and there's a body in 622," she said. "And the lamp is


The clerk stared at her.

"You might want to call an ambulance before housekeeping

gets there, but …" Jennie shrugged. "Your choice."


Mac walked into the Manuel Crescencio Rejón International

Airport in Mérida with sweat-soaked clothes, a five-day beard,

and serious sunburn.

The United agent looked at him.

“Need a flight home,” he said in a dry, raspy voice.

“With that?” She looked at the machete in his hand.

“My carry-on.”

She stared, and then laughed. “All right, I give up. Who are

you, and what can I do for you?”

“I was kidnapped. I’m desperately hungry, I have no money or

clothes, and I need to go home. Type in my frequent flyer

number, and we can get started.”

She looked past him, and he turned around. Four Mexican

officers stood very close. “Can we help you, Señora? Is this man a


“No, we’re fine. He’ll be checking the machete.”

Apparently unconvinced, none of them moved. He turned

back to the agent. “I have a credit card on file. Can I get a flight?”


He opened the front door, saw the trash spilled all over the

driveway, and suddenly knew what had happened. He ran to the

street, saw tail-lights rounding the corner in the next block, and


“Can’t a couple just have a nice evening at home anymore?” he

muttered. He got on the phone, and opened up the laptop on the

kitchen table.

“What is your emergency?”

“My wife was just kidnapped. The car is probably a blue BMW,

just now leaving the Blossom Creek Village subdivision.”

“Your wife was just kidnapped?”

“Yes, can we move a little quicker please?”

“What is your name, sir?”

“All right, look, I don’t have time for twenty questions. I’m

going to chase them until you get there. Tell the police what I just

told you! Here’s the number they can reach me on.” He hung up,

logged into Jennie’s iCloud account and hit the “Find my iPhone”


About the Author

Gary Henderson
Gary Henderson

I spend my days talking to computers, but every now and then I get to pick a banjo, hit a racquetball, produce some video, and even write for fun! I wasn't born in Texas, but as they say ... "I got here as quick as I could!"

I hope you'll enjoy my stories - the ones about Charles the dragon and Barley the mole (The Oak and the Cliff series) have lots of humor and talking animals mixed in. People of all ages enjoy them, and there are more sequels in the works. The first book in the Cords of Orion series would be called Christian speculative fiction, a new genre in recent years pioneered by C.S. Lewis, among others. And now a new set of characters have arrived, Mac & Jennie -- taking on the bad guys with a light touch and plenty of humor.

Click on each book cover image to read more about it, read samples, and even - for Diamonds and Dragons - read the whole story online! For the books that are continued stories, you can buy the set together, and have all the ebook formats for all of them. See the "bundles" further down the page.

Pick one, enjoy the story, and come back for more!

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