RNWC Short Stories
RNWC Short Stories
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RNWC Short Stories

Last updated on 2018-11-18

About the Book

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About the Author

Gary Henderson
Gary Henderson

I spend my days talking to computers, but every now and then I get to pick a banjo, hit a racquetball, produce some video, and even write for fun! I wasn't born in Texas, but as they say ... "I got here as quick as I could!"

I hope you'll enjoy my stories - the ones about Charles the dragon and Barley the mole (The Oak and the Cliff series) have lots of humor and talking animals mixed in. People of all ages enjoy them, and there are more sequels in the works. The first book in the Cords of Orion series would be called Christian speculative fiction, a new genre in recent years pioneered by C.S. Lewis, among others. And now a new set of characters have arrived, Mac & Jennie -- taking on the bad guys with a light touch and plenty of humor.

Click on each book cover image to read more about it, read samples, and even - for Diamonds and Dragons - read the whole story online! For the books that are continued stories, you can buy the set together, and have all the ebook formats for all of them. See the "bundles" further down the page.

Pick one, enjoy the story, and come back for more!

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RNWC Short Stories
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Table of Contents

  • Copyrights
  • Preface
  • Beauregard and the Rattler
  • Chasing the Moon
  • Buster
  • PK On the Loose
  • Did I Mention That Already?
  • Hard to Catch
  • One Good Bounce Deserves Another
  • Snufflin’
  • Not Again!
  • Windtaster Needs Some Help
  • Easy Squeezy Scamper Velociraptor
  • Midnight Soccer
  • The Flavor Shop

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