Skills for Successful Product Owners
Skills for Successful Product Owners
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Skills for Successful Product Owners

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Completed on 2018-08-06

About the Book

Have you recently been thrown into an agile environment? Curious about what solutions other other product people have come up with?

This book is for you if ...

  • you want a quick overview of the most important skills for product owners
  • you want enough information to act on
  • you want to know what problems others have already solved and where to find more information

This book is not for you if ...

  • you want exhaustive information and great detail
  • you need a closely guided tour (this book provides context, but not excessively so)

Corinna Baldauf has first-hand experience in every Scrum role as well as UX and knows what topics to cover to give you a helpful overview and primer.

Here's what others say about the "Agile & Scrum" chapter:

"I really love the book, I printed out the posters and hung them up and have noticed quite a few hallway conversations and a few folks have stopped by my office and said "You're really serious about this agile stuff aren't you?" It's been a great conversation starter.” - Scott Vann

About the Author

Corinna Baldauf
Corinna Baldauf

Corinna Baldauf has filled every Scrum role there is and then some. She likes to create stuff and is interested in lean, agile, systems thinking, communication, leadership & UX.

If you want to drive Corinna crazy, sing a line of song to her. It will instantly get stuck in her head and she will have to hum it all day.

Got a question or suggestion? Email or tweet to @findingmarbles. 

Table of Contents

As a Product Owner you have chosen a challenging and worthy path! This book will make the trip smoother by pointing out important waypoints. In base camp you find what you need to know about Agile & Scrum itself, before we head out to cover topics from Product Management. You’ll be much more effective as a PO if you can help people talk to each other and collaborate. That’s why we cover Facilitation next. We end our journey on a mountain top looking at useful concepts from surrounding areas.

Role of the PO

Agile & Scrum

· Agile Manifesto

· Agile Principles

· Agile Mindset

· Agile “Laws”

· Scrum Roles

· Scrum Events

· Scrum Artifacts

· Emotions during Change

· SCARF Model of Social Needs

· Agile Adoption Patterns

· Retrospectives

· Sprint Goal

· Definition of Done

· Definition of Ready

· Tuckman’s Team Stages

· Technical Self-Assessment

Product Management

· Saying "No"

· User Stories


· Story Mapping

· Minimum Viable Product

· Design the Box

· Elevator Pitch Template

· Kano Model

· Planning Origami

· Hallway Usability Tests

· Design Studio

· 3 Horizons

· Pioneers, Settlers, Town Planners

· PO Coaching Cards


The best Product Owners are also great facilitators. As great communicators know how messy human interaction is and act accordingly.

· Ways to Vote

· Open Space

· Lean Coffee

· SMART Criteria

· Brainstorming

· Meeting Checklist

· Silence a Room

· Hand Signals for Discussions in Large Groups

· Powerful Questions

· Solution Focus

· 4 Sides of a Message

· Glasl's Stages of Conflict Escalation

· Fancier Sketchnotes

· Writing Well

Beyond Scrum

Knowing about approaches outside of Scrum will make you a more well-rounded Product Owner, someone who is able to pull ideas from many different sources.

· Value Stream Mapping

· Kanban
· Cumulative Flow

· Japanese Terms in Lean

· Lean Startup Principles

· DevOps
· Cognitive Bias

· Master Any Skill


May you have an inspiring journey!

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