Philosophy for Heroes: Part III: Act
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Philosophy for Heroes: Part III: Act

About the Book

What would lead a computer scientist and project manager to turn to philosophy for answers? Clemens Lode has a passion for solving problems by applying ideas from nature. In his examination into what could give lifeless machines a "heart," he found that the answer requires a holistic examination of the world.

With his book series Philosophy for Heroes, Lode bridges the gap between science, philosophy, psychology, and ultimately leadership. In this, the third of a four-book series, he takes the reader on a journey through topics on the forefront of science. What is consciousness and why do we think it is within our heads? How can we protect ourselves from psychological manipulation and how free are we in our decisions?

Through addressing these questions and challenging popular myths, we can lay the groundwork for becoming modern-day heroes.

Philosophy for Heroes: Act teaches you how to become freer in your decision-making by learning about the human brain, consciousness, and logical fallacies.

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About the Author

Clemens Lode
Clemens Lode

Clemens Lode works as an author as well as a coach for software teams throughout Europe. He lives in Düsseldorf (Germany).

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Philosophy (see Philosophy for Heroes: Knowledge)

Chapter 2: Language (see Philosophy for Heroes: Knowledge)

Chapter 3: Physics (see Philosophy for Heroes: Continuum)

Chapter 4: Evolution (see Philosophy for Heroes: Continuum)

Chapter 5: Consciousness

  1. The Human Brain
  2. Consciousness with a Location
  3. The Attention Schema Theory
  4. The Ego
  5. Emotions
  6. Personality

Chapter 6: Free Will

  1. Logical Fallacies
  2. Drugs
  3. Therapy
  4. Free Will
  5. Artificial Intelligence

Chapter 7: Ethics (see Philosophy for Heroes: Epos)

Chapter 8: Heroism (see Philosophy for Heroes: Epos)

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