Avanscoperta is the go-to learning space for software developers and any professional involved in the digital ecosystem.

As a publisher, we want to help some of our most innovative trainers and collaborators to formalize their wisdom in books.

We are a growing community of professionals and we share a great passion for learning: we like exchanging experiences and ideas, and exploring uncharted territories within the software world in its broadest possible meaning.

Our goal is to spread knowledge independently from the format (courses, publications, talks...) so getting into books seemed obvious.

We strongly believe that high quality always pays off. We carefully select the most relevant topics and the best trainers and thought leaders worldwide. We prefer practical teaching approaches, even in the remote scenario, with an eye for the most engaging teaching techniques. Start from the problems, not from the solutions: that’s the guiding principle we always stick to when building our educational offer.

We want to turn the software world into a better place, and we do all we can to make it happen, one step at a time, learning something new every day. That’s why our motto is We Are Learners!

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