Minimalist Living - How to?
Minimalist Living - How to?
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Minimalist Living - How to?

Last updated on 2018-09-25

About the Book

Minimalism - a trendy fringe idea for the wealthy, or the practical answer to many people's problems? Well, considering Mahatma Gandhi was what we would now call a minimalist, this might be a way of life worth considering! The world has become a chaotic consumer driven drum banging for our attention and purchases. But do we ever stop to think about how what we buy affects us and the planet? This book explains how our stuff is entwined with our identity, why we feel compelled to buy so much stuff, and how that stuff affects our lives in many different ways. It looks beyond the shopping mall and explores the ramifications of our purchases on other people and the environment. Learn about how you can shift from feeling overwhelmed by consumerism and held back by the needless stuff in your life. Using the tips and steps outlined in this book, you will be able to create a more relaxed, carefree, time rich, and financially comfortable life. No matter what stage you're starting at and where you see this taking you, simplifying and adding value to your life can only be a positive thing!   

About the Author

That Vegan Couple
That Vegan Couple

Natasha and Luca are known as "That Vegan Couple" from YouTube and other social media. They help educate people about how to make compassionate choices that cause the least amount of harm to their health, other people, animals and the planet. Before creating their channel, they worked as Yoga teachers and hosted retreats that focused on integrating yoga with healthy, conscious eating and living. Prior to that they both had corporate careers. 

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Minimalist Living - How to?
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Minimalist Living - How to?
2 Books
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Table of Contents

What is minimalism? _____ p3

Different ways of living minimally _____ p3 

How did we all become consumers instead of minimalists? _____ p4 

Why does living minimally matter? _____ p5

What other people think _____ p6

How we became minimalists _____ p8 

What’s the real cost of your next purchase? _____ p10

Benefits of living minimally _____ p10

Your possessions and your identity _____ p12

Where to start _____ p14 

Minimalism in your house - How to in 5 steps _____ p15 

What to do with your unwanted stuff? _____ p16

Tips for long-term minimalist success _____ p17

Minimalism for families … but kids want toys and stuff! _____ p17

What about Christmas and birthdays? How to introduce minimalism to your partner, family, friends _____ p20

Minimalism and your lifestyle (commitments, social life & social media) _____ p23

Minimalism at work _____ p24

Minimalism and the mind _____ p24

Minimalism and traveling _____ p25 

The most important and overlooked step to minimalism: living vegan _____ p27

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