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Health & Lifestyle Guide

About the Book

This guide replaces the 1-on-1 online coaching services we used to offer - it's the digitized version of our former coaching program. It's yours to keep and refer back to whenever you need to, and the cost of this guide is LESS than what we would formerly charge for a 1 hour coaching session. No matter what your current diet is, and what your health goals are, this guide makes taking the first steps towards creating a healthier life easy. Some of the things this guide can help you with include:

  • Improving your health
  • Potentially preventing, treating, and in some cases reversing disease
  • Weight loss
  • What to eat
  • Nutrition information
  • Fitness goals
  • Achieving your weight goals
  • Improving your sleep
  • Leading a balanced lifestyle
  • Motivation

Like most people, we too struggled with our health for many debilitating years, and tried a lot of different things which never worked. Between us, we suffered from candida, asthma, fatigue, constipation, poor digestion, allergies, eczema, chronic menstrual pain, hyperhidrosis, weak immune systems, and low libido. We have since overcome or improved all of these conditions. Today we are the happiest, healthiest, and fittest we have ever been in our entire lives, and we owe it all to consistently living all of the principles outlined in detail in this guide. This guide is the culmination of our extensive science-backed research and personal experimentation with diet and lifestyle since 2009, as well as our experience coaching many tens of people since 2014.

Prior to this digitized guide, we successfully coached many people on this diet and lifestyle on a one-on-one basis, and this detailed guide is all the information we would include in our one-on-one coaching program, and more! We answer the most common questions and concerns people would have. You can read testimonials from some previous people we have coached on our website ( 

Even if you have none of the health issues we personally suffered from, this does not mean that this guide isn’t for you. When you breakdown the word “disease” we see that it is simply the body in a state of dis-ease. Most dis-eases have an inflammatory basis. And since the science-backed diet and lifestyle outlined in this guide optimize the reduction of inflammation, they therefore help prevent, treat, and in many cases even reverse, most dis-eases.

We walk you through the steps of how to change your diet and lifestyle, and provide an abundance of information and external reference links for you to keep learning. We also show you how to complete a Food & Lifestyle Diary that you then continue for 30 days as you transition to this healthier diet and lifestyle. As for what to eat? We have also included links to our Recipes for Healthy Vegan Eating ebook that you can use as a guide in the kitchen, as well as Our Tools for Health & Life. We’ve done all the hard work and research… all you need to do is apply it and reap the benefits.

About the Author

That Vegan Couple
That Vegan Couple

Natasha and Luca are known as "That Vegan Couple" from YouTube and other social media. They help educate people about how to make compassionate choices that cause the least amount of harm to their health, other people, animals and the planet. Before creating their channel, they worked as Yoga teachers and hosted retreats that focused on integrating yoga with healthy, conscious eating and living. Prior to that they both had corporate careers. 

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Table of Contents


What’s the purpose of this guide?

How does this guide work?

Your new mantra!

It’s about more than just your diet





Non-vegan ingredients to avoid

What now?

What NOT to do

Let’s get started

The foundation of this lifestyle




Two additional fundamentals of this lifestyle


When, what, and how much to eat and drink around exercise

Thoughts & Emotions

Self-development Books

Self-development Film

Detailed Nutritional Information & Guidance: Macronutrients, Calories, Weight Loss

But don’t carbohydrates make you fat?

How much fat is “low fat”?

A “low fat” diet does NOT mean a “no fat” diet!

What are whole plant foods?

How do ratios of macronutrients vary in whole plant foods?

Can I eat high fat whole plant foods as part of a low fat whole plant foods diet?

How will you quickly exceed 10 - 20% calories from fat?

Which high fat foods do we recommend?

Are more processed high fat plant foods ok?

What about oil?

Are there exceptions to this “no oil” rule?

Do I have to restrict calories (i.e. create a caloric deficit) to lose weight?

How many calories should I eat?

What if I can’t eat that much?

What if this is more than is recommended for me by calorie calculators or calorie intake charts?

But I'm obese, so shouldn’t I eat less to lose weight?

What if I’m sedentary?

Do I have to count calories?

I thought I ate enough but my calories were still too low at the end of the day

I ate enough calories but I’m still not satiated

Is it ok to snack?

Cravings and binge eating

Weight Loss

I need to gain weight... will this diet and lifestyle work for me?


Will this fix all my health problems?

But I’m on medication

But my doctor says I need to eat animal products

But my disease runs in my family / it’s genetic

Should I change my diet in small steps, or change everything overnight?

But I can’t digest starches/ carbohydrates

Which high carbohydrate diet is best: fruit based or starch based?

Isn’t a raw food diet better than eating cooked foods?

Is juicing healthy and necessary?

Is fasting a good idea?

Should I do a cleanse before starting a plant-based diet?

I started eating plant-based but my skin broke out / I got sick / etc

My allergies and/or skin problems aren’t getting better

Period loss and/or hair loss

Won’t this diet be more expensive if I have to eat a larger volume of food?

Can I eat processed foods? Is brown better than white?

What about gluten?

Do oats contain gluten?

What type of oats should I eat?

Can I eat raw oats?

Are greens important?

Can I eat refined sugar?

But doesn’t sugar cause diabetes?

I’m physically unable to exercise, so can I still eat a high carbohydrate, plant-based diet?

I’m allergic to certain plant foods, what should I eat?

The label says “may contain traces of egg, milk, etc” Is this ok to eat?

Can I use condiments?

What about Sodium?

How do I read Nutrition Facts labels?

Does food combining matter?


What are mono meals?

Ripe Fruit

Bloating and digestive issues

What about fermented foods and probiotics?

Onion and Garlic

Nutritional yeast


What about Decaf?

Cacao (also known as cocoa)

Can I still drink alcohol?

Canned foods

Frozen foods

Organic or Conventional produce


Is it ok to eat soy?

But my cholesterol is already in the “normal” range

What if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

But don’t we need more protein?

What about Essential Amino Acids? 

What about Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs)?

Vitamin B12

B12 supplements

Vitamin D supplements

How can I make sure I get all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients I need each day?

Do I need to take supplements?

But this goes against everything I’ve ever known and done!

Food - Questions & Tips

What to eat?

Home cooking

Eating out

Time saver

Preparation is key

Almost ready to start

Consistent and Regular meal times

Eating late at night

How to use the ‘Food & Lifestyle Diary’

Food & Lifestyle Diary Example

Link to Food & Lifestyle Diary

Tracking your calories

Why does this all sound so complicated? 

How to stay motivated

Are you ready?

Link to Recipes for Healthy Vegan Eating eBook

Link to Our Tools for Health & Life

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