Recipes for Healthy Vegan Eating
Recipes for Healthy Vegan Eating
Recipes for Healthy Vegan Eating

Last updated on 2017-05-10

About the Book

Considering eating a plant-based diet but don’t know how? Already eating a vegan diet but want to make it healthier? Our recipe ebook is a simple to follow guide to preparing inexpensive, delicious, healthy, low fat, predominantly wholefood, vegan meals.

The meals in this ebook are based on the foods that we personally eat and thrive on.

This recipe ebook includes:

  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner meal options
  • 24 base recipes
  • Variations on some recipes ... so 1 recipe might offer 4 variations, giving you even more recipes!
  • A page on Dressings, including how to follow the F.A.S.S guide to create a great dressing
  • Tips along the way to help you
  • Photos of meals
  • Our Tools in the Kitchen

On this diet and lifestyle we have overcome:

  • Asthma, candida, fatigue, constipation, poor digestion, allergies, eczema, chronic menstrual pain, hyperhidrosis, weak immune systems
  • We have gained increased energy, libido, and vitality

Leading plant-based doctors are also using a low fat, predominantly wholefoods, vegan diet to prevent, treat, and reverse chronic diseases such as heart disease, some forms of cancer, diabetes, obesity, autoimmune diseases, and many more. 

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Recipes for Healthy Vegan Eating
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About the Author

That Vegan Couple
That Vegan Couple

Natasha and Luca are known as "That Vegan Couple" from YouTube and other social media. They help educate people about how to make compassionate choices that cause the least amount of harm to their health, other people, animals and the planet. Before creating their channel, they worked as Yoga teachers and hosted retreats that focused on integrating yoga with healthy, conscious eating and living. Prior to that they both had corporate careers. 

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