Duke Blisser and the Meditating Marines
Duke Blisser and the Meditating Marines
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Duke Blisser and the Meditating Marines

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Completed on 2014-06-10

About the Book

If you’re looking for a feel-good read, this book is for you.

If you’re a writer, or a potential writer, this book will help you add bliss writing to your toolkit. Bliss writing will help you leapfrog over writer’s block. It will put the fun back into writing. It will open the floodgates of your creative flow.

If you’re a meditator or potential meditator, this book will ignite the joy of your meditation practice.

If you're a Law of Attraction fan, bliss writing will help you create what you want.

If you’re into the self-help / human potential movement, this book will give you tools that you can use for your personal empowerment. And you will feel empowered by simply reading this uplifting story.

Bliss writing gives you new insights into living. And it brings back earlier insights and boosts them to a new level.

Let the fun begin!

About the Author

Jim Kitzmiller
Jim Kitzmiller

Jim Kitzmiller empowers joy, creativity, and productivity both in corporate settings and private retreats.

He is a mystic, a systems architect, a software developer, and an author.

With decades of experience in the computer industry, Jim has repeatedly found simple solutions to complex problems.

Simple solutions save clients enormous amounts of time and money.

This ability to identify simple solutions also applies to the self-help / personal development area. Simple solutions, working at the essence of beingness, can save decades of struggle and vast sums of money.

Jim’s guided meditations on YouTube and his blog have had well over a million views and have brought countless heartfelt testimonials filled with gratitude.

In addition to hosting corporate empowerment programs, Jim hosts creative writing retreats and meditation retreats.

You can email Jim at jimkitz@gmail.com.

Table of Contents

  • Bliss Writing
    • Divinity
    • National Novel Writing Month
  • 1 Duke’s Glider
  • 2 Paradise in the High Desert
  • 3 Return to Vista
  • 4 Back in Vista
  • 5 Attention Spotlighting
  • 6 Morning in Vista
  • 7 Interacting
  • 8 Back to Carol’s
  • 9 The Marines Land
  • 10 Meditation Program Overview
  • 11 Duke Blisser Foundation
  • 12 Enter Michael
  • 13 Who is that kid?
  • 14 Carol’s Property
  • 15 The Game Area
  • 16 Adoption
  • 17 Touched by Angels
  • 18 Freenoting
  • 19 Corporate Solutions
  • 20 Corporate Flashbacks
  • 21 Qualcorp Arrives
  • 22 Appreciation
  • 23 Camp Pendleton
  • 24 Expansion
  • 25 Michael’s Debut
  • 26 Back at Carol’s Home
  • 27 Day Two
  • 28 Surprise Request
  • 29 Preparing Corporal Tom Dennis
  • 30 Enter the Media
  • 31 Duke’s Ecstasy
  • 32 Attention Spotlighting with the Marines
  • 33 Passing the Baton
  • The Author
    • Empowerment Systems
  • More About Bliss Writing
  • Glossary
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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