Accelerated Linux Disassembly, Reconstruction and Reversing, Second Edition
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Accelerated Linux Disassembly, Reconstruction and Reversing, Second Edition

Training Course Transcript and GDB Practice Exercises with Memory Cell Diagrams

About the Book

The book contains the full transcript of Software Diagnostics Services training. Learn disassembly, execution history reconstruction, and binary reversing techniques for better software diagnostics, troubleshooting, debugging, memory forensics, vulnerability and malware analysis on x64 (x86_64) and A64 (ARM64, AArch64) Linux platforms. The course uses a unique and innovative pattern language approach to speed up the learning curve. The training consists of practical step-by-step, hands-on exercises using GDB and Linux core memory dumps. Covered more than 25 ADDR patterns originally introduced for the x64 Windows platform, and many concepts are illustrated with Memory Cell Diagrams. The prerequisites for this training are working knowledge of C and C++ programming languages. Operating system internals and assembly language concepts are explained when necessary. The primary audience for this training is software technical support and escalation engineers who analyze memory dumps from complex software environments and need to go deeper in their analysis of abnormal software structure and behavior. The course is also useful for software engineers, quality assurance and software maintenance engineers who debug software running on diverse cloud and endpoint computer environments, SRE and DevSecOps, security and vulnerability researchers, malware and memory forensics analysts who have never used GDB for analysis of computer memory. The book also features ADDR pattern descriptions summarized after each exercise. The second edition includes a review of relevant assembly language fundamentals and relevant differences between GCC and Clang.

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About the Author

Dmitry Vostokov
Dmitry Vostokov

Dmitry Vostokov is an internationally recognized expert, speaker, educator, scientist, inventor, and author. He is the founder of pattern-oriented software diagnostics, forensics, and prognostics discipline (Systematic Software Diagnostics), and Software Diagnostics Institute. Vostokov has also authored more than 50 books on software diagnostics, anomaly detection and analysis, software and memory forensics, root cause analysis and problem solving, memory dump analysis, debugging, software trace and log analysis, reverse engineering and malware analysis. He has more than 25 years of experience in software architecture, design, development and maintenance in a variety of industries including leadership, technical and people management roles. Dmitry also founded Syndromatix,, BriteTrace, DiaThings, Logtellect, OpenTask Iterative and Incremental Publishing, Software Diagnostics Technology and Services (former Memory Dump Analysis Services), and Software Prognostics. In his spare time, he presents various topics on Debugging TV and explores Software Narratology, its further development as Narratology of Things and Diagnostics of Things (DoT), Software Pathology, and Quantum Software Diagnostics. His current areas of interest are theoretical software diagnostics and its mathematical and computer science foundations, application of formal logic, artificial intelligence, machine learning and data mining to diagnostics and anomaly detection, software diagnostics engineering and diagnostics-driven development, diagnostics workflow and interaction. Recent interest areas also include cloud native computing, security, automation, functional programming, applications of category theory to software diagnostics, development and big data, and diagnostics of artificial intelligence.

Dmitry Vostokov

Episode 213

Table of Contents

About the Author 5

Presentation Slides and Transcript 7

x64 Disassembly 29

A64 Disassembly 41

Practice Exercises 55

Exercise R0 (x64, GDB) 60

Exercise R0 (A64, GDB) 62

Exercise R1 (x64, GDB) 65

Exercise R1 (A64, GDB) 84

Exercise R2 (x64, GDB) 107

Exercise R2 (A64, GDB) 116

Exercise R3 (x64, GDB) 134

Exercise R3 (A64, GDB) 141

Exercise R4 (x64, GDB) 156

Exercise R4 (A64, GDB) 161

Exercise R5 (x64, GDB) 173

Exercise R5 (A64, GDB) 180

Exercise R6 (x64, GDB) 190

Exercise R6 (A64, GDB) 208

Memory Cell Diagrams 241

MCD-R1-x64 243

MCD-R1-ARM64 245

MCD-R2-x64 246

MCD-R2-ARM64 249

MCD-R3-x64 252

MCD-R3-ARM64 254

MCD-R5-x64 258

MCD-R5-ARM64 260

MCD-R6-x64 263

MCD-R6-ARM64 265

Source Code 267

notepad.c 269

extra-symbols.c 272

data-types.c 273

separate.c 275

cpu.c 276

cpp.cpp 277

Execution Residue 280

Fiber Bundle 282

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