Accelerated Linux Core Dump Analysis, Second Edition
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Accelerated Linux Core Dump Analysis, Second Edition

Training Course Transcript with GDB and WinDbg Practice Exercises

About the Book

The full transcript of Software Diagnostics Services training. Learn how to analyze Linux process and kernel crashes and hangs, navigate through core memory dump space and diagnose corruption, memory leaks, CPU spikes, blocked threads, deadlocks, wait chains, and much more. This training uses a unique and innovative pattern-oriented diagnostic analysis approach to speed up the learning curve. The training consists of 30 practical step-by-step exercises using GDB and WinDbg debuggers highlighting almost 40 memory analysis patterns diagnosed in 64-bit core memory dumps from x64 and ARM64 platforms. The training also includes source code of modeling applications, a catalog of relevant patterns from Software Diagnostics Institute, and an overview of relevant similarities and differences between Windows and Linux memory dump analysis useful for engineers with Wintel background. In addition to the fully revised x64 Linux process dump analysis exercises using GDB, the second edition now includes x64 Linux kernel core dump analysis using crash tool and ARM64 Linux process dump analysis using WinDbg. The new edition also includes a Q&A section from the latest training sessions.

About the Author

Dmitry Vostokov
Dmitry Vostokov

Dmitry Vostokov is an internationally recognized expert, speaker, educator, scientist, inventor, and author. He is the founder of pattern-oriented software diagnostics, forensics, and prognostics discipline (Systematic Software Diagnostics), and Software Diagnostics Institute. Vostokov has also authored more than 50 books on software diagnostics, anomaly detection and analysis, software and memory forensics, root cause analysis and problem solving, memory dump analysis, debugging, software trace and log analysis, reverse engineering and malware analysis. He has more than 25 years of experience in software architecture, design, development and maintenance in a variety of industries including leadership, technical and people management roles. Dmitry also founded Syndromatix,, BriteTrace, DiaThings, Logtellect, OpenTask Iterative and Incremental Publishing, Software Diagnostics Technology and Services (former Memory Dump Analysis Services), and Software Prognostics. In his spare time, he presents various topics on Debugging TV and explores Software Narratology, its further development as Narratology of Things and Diagnostics of Things (DoT), Software Pathology, and Quantum Software Diagnostics. His current areas of interest are theoretical software diagnostics and its mathematical and computer science foundations, application of formal logic, artificial intelligence, machine learning and data mining to diagnostics and anomaly detection, software diagnostics engineering and diagnostics-driven development, diagnostics workflow and interaction. Recent interest areas also include cloud native computing, security, automation, functional programming, and applications of category theory to software development and big data.

Dmitry Vostokov

Episode 213

Table of Contents

About the Author 5

Presentation Slides and Transcript 7

Core Dump Collection 29

Practice Exercises 39

Exercise 0 (x64, GDB) 44

Exercise 0 (A64, WinDbg, WinDbg Preview, Docker) 46

Exercise A1 (x64, GDB) 58

Exercise A1 (A64, WinDbg) 70

Exercise A2D (x64, GDB) 87

Exercise A2D (A64, WinDbg) 91

Exercise A2C (x64, GDB) 95

Exercise A2C (A64, WinDbg) 98

Exercise A2S (x64, GDB) 103

Exercise A3 (x64, GDB) 107

Exercise A3 (A64, WinDbg) 110

Exercise A4 (x64, GDB) 115

Exercise A4 (A64, WinDbg) 121

Exercise A5 (x64, GDB) 128

Exercise A5 (A64, WinDbg) 131

Exercise A6 (x64, GDB) 136

Exercise A6 (A64, WinDbg) 151

Exercise A7 (x64, GDB) 178

Exercise A8 (x64, GDB) 184

Exercise A8 (A64, WinDbg) 199

Exercise A9 (x64, GDB) 224

Exercise A9 (A64, WinDbg) 239

Exercise A10 (x64, GDB) 253

Exercise A10 (A64, WinDbg) 266

Exercise A11 (x64, GDB) 275

Exercise A11 (A64, WinDbg) 283

Exercise A12 (x64, GDB) 291

Exercise A12 (A64, WinDbg) 301

Exercise K1 (x64, GDB) 310

Exercise K2 (x64, GDB) 341

Selected Q&A 359

App Source Code 365

App0 367

App1 368

App2D 369

App2C 371

App2S 373

App3 375

App4 377

App5 379

App6 381

App7 383

App8 385

App9 388

App10 390

App11 / App12 392

K2 394

Selected Analysis Patterns 395

NULL Pointer (Data) 397

Incomplete Stack Trace 398

Stack Trace 399

NULL Pointer (Code) 400

Spiking Thread 401

Dynamic Memory Corruption (Process Heap) 402

Execution Residue (User Space) 403

Coincidental Symbolic Information 405

Stack Overflow (User Mode) 406

Divide by Zero (User Mode) 407

Local Buffer Overflow (User Space) 408

C++ Exception 409

Paratext 410

Active Thread 412

Lateral Damage 413

Critical Region 414

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