#Tagcoding in India
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#Tagcoding in India

Structured hashtags for local to country-wide inclusive public discourse

About the Book

#tagcoding means that one uses standardized hashtags to relate online information to specific topics in order to structure it and retrieve it easily.

This e-book introduces systematically defined hashtags for five topic dimensions: the sustainable development goals and targets, economic activities, functions of government, products and services, and local government units. By using in-document links, the e-book supports easy navigation throughout the presented hierarchical classifications.

This e-book and related online tools for looking up a topic's coding hashtag support a rapid classification and retrieval of shared online content.

In a #tag2wiki process, coded content may be retrieved for curation in local wikis that have been structured using the topic dimensions.

The proposition of #tagcoding is that small changes in using social media and the internet, when done collaboratively and at scale, will accelerate knowledge localization for instruction, economic development and for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The digital skills explained in this e-book apply #tagcoding tags that can be looked up in these languages: English (http://en2.wiki), Spanish (http://es2.wiki), French (http://fr2.wiki), Chinese (simplified) (http://zh2.wiki), Russian (http://ru2.wiki), Arabic (http://ar2.wiki), German (http://ger.wiki), Japanese (http://ja2.wiki), Hindi (http://hi2.wiki), Swahili (http://swa.wiki), Dutch (http://nl2.wiki), Tagalog (http://tgl.wiki) and Hiligaynon (http://hil.wiki).

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About the Author

Jan Goossenaerts
Jan Goossenaerts

Inventor of #tagcoding and #xy2wiki, innovative supports for Science, Technology and Public Sphere communications in any language, also an independent scholar and consultant. Online content creator.

For the attention of every member of mankind, me and co-workers created a single worldwide cross-discipline awareness page, so far in these languages:

  • English: http://ens.wiki with guidance in the #tagcoding handbook
  • French: http://fr2.wiki with guidance in Manuel de #tagcodage
  • Spanish: http://es2.wiki with guidance in Manual de #etiquetado
  • Arabic: http://ar2.wiki
  • Chinese: http://zh2.wiki
  • Russian: http://ru2.wiki
  • German: http://de2.wiki
  • Indonesian: http://id2.wiki
  • Japanese: http://ja2.wiki
  • Dutch: http://nl2.wiki
  • Tagalog: http://tgl.wiki with guidance in #tagcoding handbook
  • Illongo: http://www.hil.wiki
  • Kiswahili: http://sw2.wiki
  • Hindi: http://hi2.wiki

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • On the #Tag Guideline being an essential e-book
    • On the tags’ structure and meaning
    • On using the tags
    • Powertag Code of Conduct
    • COFOG 01 - General Public Services
    • COFOG 02 - Defence
    • COFOG 03 - Public Order and Safety
    • COFOG 04 - Economic Affairs
    • COFOG 05 - Environmental Protection
    • COFOG 06 - Housing and Community Amenities
    • COFOG 07 - Health
    • COFOG 08 - Recreation, Culture and Religion
    • COFOG 09 - Education
    • COFOG 10 - Social Protection
  • ISIC
    • ISIC A - Agriculture, forestry and fishing
    • ISIC B - Mining and quarrying
    • ISIC C - Manufacturing
    • ISIC D - Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply
    • ISIC E - Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities
    • ISIC F - Construction
    • ISIC G - Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles
    • ISIC H - Transportation and storage
    • ISIC I - Accommodation and food service activities
    • ISIC J - Information and communication
    • ISIC K - Financial and insurance activities
    • ISIC L - Real estate activities
    • ISIC M - Professional, scientific and technical activities
    • ISIC N - Administrative and support service activities
    • ISIC O - Public administration and defence; compulsory social security
    • ISIC P - Education
    • ISIC Q - Human health and social work activities
    • ISIC R - Arts, entertainment and recreation
    • ISIC S - Other service activities
    • ISIC T - Activities of households
    • ISIC U - Activities of extraterritorial organizations and bodies
  • Territorial Tags
  • Annex - Generic Tags for all Countries
  • About the author

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