How do I use Sourcegraph with Ruby?
How do I use Sourcegraph with Ruby?
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How do I use Sourcegraph with Ruby?

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Completed on 2014-06-16

About the Book

The aim of the book is to show Ruby newbies the mechanics of using Sourcegraph while programming in Ruby. You will be able to check on documentation and real-world usage examples, while coding.

About the Author

Satish Talim
Satish Talim

Satish Talim is the founder of RubyLearning, that helps Ruby programmers become awesome! He has more than 40 years of industrial experience and is a board member at Josh Software Pvt. Ltd. and Maybole Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

He is a trustee on the Emerging Technology Trust that organizes conferences in India like GopherConIndia and RubyConfIndia.

He has published many books on Amazon and was awarded Ruby's Top Teacher in 2008 and the winner of the Shorty Award in Education in 2009.

Follow @indianguru on Twitter or email him at

Table of Contents

  • Preface
    • Who is the booklet for?
    • Acknowledgements
    • Using Code Examples
    • How to Contact Me
    • Thanks
  • 1 What’s Sourcegraph?
    • 1.1 Getting Started
    • 1.2 How Do I Use It?
    • 1.3 Assumptions
    • 1.4 Get Started
    • 1.5 sourcegraph.rb - Outline 1
    • 1.6 sourcegraph.rb - Outline 2
    • 1.7 sourcegraph.rb - Outline 3
    • 1.8 sourcegraph.rb - Outline 4
    • 1.9 sourcegraph.rb - Final program

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