ES6 Generators
ES6 Generators
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ES6 Generators

Last updated on 2019-01-28

About the Book

Generator is a new concept introduced to JavaScript in ECMAScript 2015 (or ES6). Generators are the new powerful tools which should be in each JavaScript developer's toolkit. Generators are mostly used in JavaScript frameworks and libraries. For example, Koa uses generators as middleware. Babel can use generators to transpile async/await functions. But generators are not commonly used in application code yet. The main reason is that generators are not easy to understand and adopt in day-to-day development.

This book focuses on real day-to-day development scenarios which can benefit from using generators.

This book can be viewed freely online. However, if you prefer a PDF/EPUB/MOBI version, or want to support my work, you can purchase it for $4.99 - the minimum price on Leanpub.

About the Author

Fu Cheng
Fu Cheng

Full-stack software developer and lead software engineer at a healthcare startup.

  • Understanding the Java 7: the Core techniques and best practice (Simplified Chinese edition) covers Java SE 7 new features and deep dive of Java platform core features.
  • Build Mobile Apps with Ionic 2 and Firebase covers building mobile apps using Ionic 2 and Firebase.
  • Exploring Java 9 covers Java 9 module system and other new features.
  • A regular author on IBM developerWorks China and InfoQ China website with more than 50 published technical articles covering various technical topics.

Table of Contents

  • I Generators basics
    • 1. Basic generators
      • 1.1 Suspend & resume execution
      • 1.2 Check types of generator functions and generator objects
    • 2. Pass values to next()
    • 3. return in generators
      • 3.1 Infinite values
    • 4. Iterators & generators
      • 4.1 Iterators
      • 4.2 Iterables
      • 4.3 Iterate generator objects
  • II Advanced generators
    • 5. Arguments of generator functions
    • 6. return method
    • 7. throw method
    • 8. yield*
      • 8.1 yield* & iterable objects
      • 8.2 yield* & generator objects
      • 8.3 Value of yield*
    • 9. Nested yield and yield*
      • 9.1 Nested yield
      • 9.2 Nested yield and yield*
    • 10. co
    • 11. regenerator
  • III Real-world usages
    • 12. Koa
      • 12.1 Koa basics
      • 12.2 koa-compose
    • 13. Babel
      • 13.1 Transform async/await
  • IV Usage scenarios
    • 14. Sequence generation
    • 15. Fail-fast task queue

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