Developing Data Products in R
Developing Data Products in R
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Developing Data Products in R

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Last updated on 2015-11-09

About the Book

This book covers the exciting field of data products. A data product is the output of a data science experiment. In this book we focus on developing data products in R, the most popular language for data scientists. Special emphasis is given to developing Shiny apps. Shiny is a platform for developing web front ends for back end R calculations. Shiny allows users to create polished web apps while only knowing R and little bit of html. 

After shiny we cover other ways to make reproducible presentations and interactive graphics. In reproducible presentations, we cover Slidify and RStudio's Presenter. In interactive graphics, we demonstrate RCharts, Leaflet, googleVis and

About the Authors

Brian Caffo
Brian Caffo

Brian Caffo, PhD is a professor in the Department of Biostatistics at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Along with Roger Peng and Jeff Leek, Dr. Caffo created the Data Science Specialization on Coursera. Dr. Caffo is leading  expert in statistics and biostatistics and is the recipient of the PECASE award, the highest honor given by the US Government for early career scientists and engineers.

Sean Kross
Sean Kross

Sean Kross is a software developer in the department of Biostatistics at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Sean's professional interests range between metagenomics, cybersecurity, and human-computer interaction. He is also the lead developer of the swirl, a software package designed to teach programming, statistics, and data science in an authentic programming environment. You can find Sean on Twitter and GitHub at @seankross.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
    • About this book
  • What is a data product?
    • The goal of this book
  • Manipulate
  • Shiny, Part 1
    • Your first app
    • Style and markup
    • Different input types
    • Making your site interactive
    • Putting it all together
    • Another example
    • Sharing your app
  • Shiny Part 2
    • Reactivity
    • More on reactive expressions
    • Adding an action button
    • More on layouts
    • Uploading a file
    • Summary
  • Reproducible presentations, slidify
    • Markdown
    • Slidify
    • Code chunks
    • Publishing
    • Publishing to Rpubs
    • HTML5 Deck Frameworks
    • Mathjax
    • HTML
    • Adding interactive elements to slidify
  • RStudio’s Presenter
    • Authoring content
    • Compiling and tools
    • Visuals
    • Hierarchical organization
    • Two columns
    • Changing the slide font
    • Really changing things
    • Slidify versus RPres
  • Interactive graphs
    • rCharts
    • googleVis
    • leaflet
  • Summary

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