Cloud Strategy
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Cloud Strategy

A Decision-Based Approach to Successful Cloud Migration

About the Book

Most books on cloud computing want to tell you that you should become “digital” or ”agile”, or dwell on product details that are prone to be outdated by the time you read them. This book fills the giant gap in between. It’ll help you ask the right questions to define a strategy based on meaningful decisions. It’ll also help you unravel existing assumptions to realize the full potential of the new technology. And it demystifies modern technology without dumbing it down.

The book condenses my experience developing and implementing cloud strategies for large organizations into an easy-to-read but insightful format that covers IT strategy, architecture, financials, and organizational changes.

A Decision-based Approach to Cloud Strategy

You can’t copy-paste a strategy from a recipe book or from another organization. Diverse starting points, objectives, and constraints imply different choices and trade-offs. Also, a cloud strategy must include close alignment across business, organization, and technology. This book questions existing assumptions ("Why run software you didn't build?") and presents technology-neutral decision models ("8 ways to slice the hybrid cloud") ideally suited to defining and communicating a well-thought-out migration journey.

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Based on the author's extensive experience taking large organizations to the cloud, 33 Chapters highlight options, decisions, and trade-offs - the core elements of any strategy. These mental models come to life through real-life anecdotes and examples:

  • Understanding the Cloud - Cloud is not a mere technology upgrade.
  • Organizing for the Cloud - To get the most out of the cloud, you’ll turn your organization sideways. 
  • Moving to the Cloud - Many roads lead to Rome, but some go faster than others. Choose wisely.
  • Architecting the Cloud - Multi, hybrid, portable, multi-tenant, and disposable? Stay clear of buzzwords and embrace rational decision models.
  • Building for the Cloud - Cloud applications are more than containers and serverless. Also, IaC is a misnomer.
  • Budgeting the Cloud - Cloud can significantly reduce your operational costs—if you leave existing assumptions behind.

This book will be your trusted advisor for your cloud journey. It applies the mindset of “The Software Architect Elevator” (my prior book) to cloud computing.

Reader Feedback

This book currently enjoys a 4.7 star rating on Goodreads. Thanks go to all early readers who made the book better by providing feedback during the writing process.

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About the Author

Gregor Hohpe
Gregor Hohpe

Gregor Hohpe advises CTOs and senior IT executives on IT strategy, cloud architecture, and organizational transformation. He served as advisor to the Singapore government, chief architect at Allianz SE, and technical director at Google Cloud’s CTO Office.

He is widely known as co-author of the seminal book “Enterprise Integration Patterns” and as frequent speaker at conferences around the world. His accessible, but technically accurate essays were republished in “97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know” and “Best Software Writing”. He is an active member of the IEEE Software editorial advisory board.


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About the Contributors

Jean-Francois Landreau
Jean-Francois Landreau

Jean-Francois Landreau is leading the infrastructure team at Allianz Direct, the new brand for the direct insurance business of Allianz.

When the excitement moved from the development toward the operations with the emergence of the SRE and devops trend, he followed the same path.

He is a strong believer that you can't take enlightened enterprise decisions if you are too far away from the machine room.

Michele Danieli
Michele Danieli

Michele Danieli is a Senior Advisor at Imola Informatica serving customers in the FIS market and working on a broad range of topics, from architecture strategy to implementation and adoption of Platforms.

He started his career in the engine room and sees architecture and engineers as best friends. While assignments sometime bring him up in the penthouse to present architecture topics to C-Level executives and connecting the dots between need and solution, he still enjoy spending his time with engineers with hands on technology.

A good diagram and a mind map are essential tools and code is not a foe. Traveling the elevator is building bold visions with pragmatic targets as nothing beats running code; but stable and scalable running code is always better.

Tahir Hashmi
Tahir Hashmi

Tahir Hashmi has developed large-scale distributed applications at internet businesses serving more than 100 million users, like Flipkart, Zynga, Yahoo, and most recently, Tokopedia, where he now leads the technology strategy as vice president and technical fellow. His mission is to make distributed cloud computing as simple as writing a program on the laptop.

Reader Testimonials

Victor Chircu
Victor Chircu

Senior Architect

This is great book (as I've come to expect from Gregor Hohpe!). The author has a way of transforming tons of experience and complexity into practical and useful decision models. It certainly gave me several different lenses through which to analyze the cloud.

Wu Xia
Wu Xia

Head of Service Incubation, UOB

I wish this book existed 2 years ago. My personal experience in enterprise cloud adoption resonates much with various sections in this book. Deliberately maintaining a cloud service provider neutral narrative, much arguments, metaphors, examples, do’s and don’s in the book sound unusually convincing as they reflect the reality I observe on the ground. A much needed guidance for those genuinely look for sustainable value realization from cloud.

Henry Suryawirawan
Henry Suryawirawan

Tech Lead Journal Podcast Host

A comprehensive guide to Cloud and the strategies to adopting and implementing it optimally. Written in an approachable language, it covers the end-to-end cloud journey, including understanding the Cloud concept and its implications, migration, architecture, software build & design, and how to embrace the Cloud lifestyle.

Table of Contents

    • About This Book
  • Part I: Understanding the Cloud
    • 1 Cloud Isn’t IT Procurement; It’s a Lifestyle Change
    • 2 Cloud Thinks in the First Derivative
    • 3 Wishful Thinking Isn’t a Strategy
    • 4 Principle-Powered Decision Discipline
    • 5 If You Don’t Know How to Drive…
  • Part II: Organizing for the Cloud
    • 6 Cloud Is Outsourcing
    • 7 The Cloud Turns Your Organization Sideways
    • 8 Retain / Re-Skill / Replace / Retire
    • 9 Don’t Hire a Digital Hitman
    • 10 Enterprise Architecture in the Cloud
  • Part III: Moving to the Cloud
    • 11 Why Exactly Are You Going to the Cloud, Again?
    • 12 No One Wants a Server
    • 13 Don’t Run Software You Didn’t Build
    • 14 Don’t Build an Enterprise Non-Cloud!
    • 15 Cloud Migration: How Not to Get Lost
    • 16 Cloud Migration per Pythagoras
    • 17 Value Is the Only Real Progress
  • Part IV: Architecting the Cloud
    • 18 Multicloud: You’ve Got Options
    • 19 Hybrid Cloud: Slicing the Elephant
    • 20 The Cloud—Now on Your Premises
    • 21 Don’t Get Locked Up Into Avoiding Lock-In
    • 22 The End of Multitenancy?
    • 23 The New “ility”: Disposability
  • Part V: Building (for) the Cloud
    • 24 The Application-Centric Cloud
    • 25 What Do Containers Contain?
    • 26 Serverless = Worry Less?
    • 27 Cloud Applications Like FROSST
    • 28 IaaC - Infrastructure as actual Code
    • 29 Keep Calm And Operate On
  • Part VI: Budgeting the Cloud
    • 30 Cloud Savings Have to Be Earned
    • 31 It’s Time to Increase Your “Run” Budget
    • 32 Automation Isn’t About Efficiency
    • 33 Beware the Supermarket Effect!
    • Author Biography
  • Notes

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