Wrinklefree Package 1 - jQuery, HTML5, and Hipsters
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Wrinklefree Package 1 - jQuery, HTML5, and Hipsters

About the Bundle

My first bundle!

I pretty much want to start giving away my first book for free. So I did. With this bundle, you can buy both of my books for the price of my new book :-)

- https://leanpub.com/wrinklefree-jquery-and-html5 (free)

- https://leanpub.com/wrinklefree

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About the Books

Wrinklefree JS for Hipsters

A cutthroat guide to architect, design, and oversee web application projects.
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Wrinklefree JS for Hipsters:

A cutthroat guide to learn how to architect, design, and oversee web application projects. Here, frameworks are merely tools, not paradigms. Understanding the features behind these frameworks lets you build jaw-droppingly fast and flexible JavaScript apps.

You will:

- Learn javascript techniques to make any novice a master with succinct, "we don't mess around" chapters.

- Get walkthroughs for real-world examples in use today by real tech projects to make you and your products hirable, sellable, and promotion material.

- Learn to architect and design User Experiences and oversee small or large projects with Agile techniques

- Get the tools, software, and web apps you need to establish the best workflow for you

- Learn to write custom frameworks, reusable libraries, and jaw-droppingly fluent javascript

The Acts

Act I: jQuery Application Architecture

Act II: Removing jQuery from Your Site for Better Performance

Act III: HTML5 and Javascript Features You Have (and Haven't) Heard of

Act IV: Using Popular Frameworks Today

Act V: Making Your Own Framework

Act VI: Performance Engineering Tactics - How to twiddle bits and thumbs

Act VII: UX/UI Mastercraft

Act VIII: NO-DOM - "Sticking it" to the querying APIs

Act IX: No-Backend - Going from idea to app in 2 weeks

Act X: "Analytics ALL TEH THINGS!"

Act XI: A/B Testing for Grown-ups


  • The Master Toolbelt - A developer suite from the future
  • Zen and the Art of the Office - Workflow for the happy coder
  • Agility Practices - Where technology can't fix it for you
  • Tools and Tricks of the Trade - Free time management, billing, collaboration, and documentation services and software
  • The Playlist - Music and playlists for coding to fit any mood and accompany any drink
  • The BioHack - "Smarter, Better, Faster, Stronger" or How to maximize your biological potential for less sleep and better focus
  • The "Kitchn" - Cheap, super healthy recipes to impress your date or just stay on a budget
  • Code From Last Night - The best ways to code drunk

Wrinklefree jQuery and HTML5

A cutthroat guide to honing your jQuery and JavaScript skills, while learning how to use cutting edge HTML5 APIs.
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  • WEB

Looking for paperback?

Check out the book on Lulu : http://www.lulu.com/shop/matthew-keas/wrinklefree-jquery-and-html5/paperback/product-21139677.html


- Build familiarity with jQuery principles

- Learn new HTML5 features and APIs

- Build a toolset of coding techniques for building web apps

- Integrate jQuery and HTML5 into well-rounded web apps

- Learn to incorporate jQuery and HTML5 together to build new experiences in web applications

- Architect jQuery to build maintainable and scalable code

- Manage rendering and validating forms, interacting with editable content, setting default placeholders, and validating forms

- Cache, persist, and store data in a browser, and optimize loading of website resources by caching CSS and JavaScript in the browser

- Dynamically save files to a browser's local filesystem, and asynchronously upload files to a server

- Access a webcam right from the browser, and create a photo-booth application that takes your picture

- Use multi-threading to build fast and fluid web apps that never stutter

- Implement real-time messaging, build live chat rooms and push notifications to a browser

- Write immersive audio and video applications

- Build interactive 3D interfaces with WebGL and HTML5 Canvas

Wrinklefree jQuery and HTML5:

A cutthroat guide to advancing your jQuery and general JavaScript skills, while learning how to use cutting edge HTML5 APIs.

HTML5 APIs are quickly becoming common packages in browsers. As new browser technologies are distributed, the arsenal of tools available to web developers grows. HTML5 involves a host of new features available to JavaScript developers. It helps in creating more engaging, performant, and scalable web applications.

Wrinklefree jQuery and HTML5 is a practical, example-driven tutorial that aims to provide a clear pattern for developing JavaScript applications that handle new media and resource-intensive features such as streaming video, webcams and microphones, and accessing filesystems right from the browser.

This book starts with discussing HTML5 features, and then builds a common knowledge of new browser technologies, weaving the practice of using those libraries with the practice of writing jQuery plugins.

I have worked really hard over the past year to make this a great resource for acquiring knowledge of concepts falling under "HTML5" and others surrounding jQuery, in a step-wise fashion. Beginners with jQuery should be able to pick up this book and learn a ton. Advanced users will find themselves still learning all the trinkets and gizmos available, as there are some very advanced jQuery and HTML5 concepts involved in this book that many contractors earn USD $150k+ / year for specializing in them. After you've made it through the book, you'll be comfortable writing your own jQuery plugins and using HTML5 APIs to create unique and memorable user experiences.

All the chapter code is included and provided online, so that readers can follow along, or even use the code for whatever they want. (I believe in providing this code with a "Do Whatever the Fuck You Want License").

Grab your own copy today and support creativity, learning, and a better web community :)

Don't Forget! You will get:

- An unending source of HTML5 and jQuery information; where chapters and example code will be constantly updated based on reviewer and reader feedback (that means YOU ARE IMPORTANT!)

- A professional contact/resource and a nice online friend -- @matthiasak :)

- Free (AS IN FREE) updates for the book, forever. This means all updates to this book and its code will be yours. I will even email you to let you know the changes and new content.

- My full attention. Because I am a writer representing himself, you get the opportunity to go through me, not a publisher. If you find something difficult to understand or have feedback for this book, hit me up and I will see what I can do to improve the book, its message, and its content.

This Book is Great for:

This book is great for developers who are a little familiar with jQuery, and are ready to graduate to writing their own plugins and architecting immersive web applications. It's assumed that you will have some experience with HTML and jQuery already, and be familiar with jQuery selectors, events, and utility functions. Knowledge of HTML5 APIs is not required, as many HTML5 features will be taught from the ground up.


If you are reading this and you haven't found the value proposition of this back enough to support the hundreds of hours I have already poured into this book, I would love to know why.

- Did this book not help you learn anything new?

- Does it not cover something you wanted to know?

Whatever it may be, drop me a line on the feedback page or tweet me @matthiasak!

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