Altcoin Investigation 2019_09
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Altcoin Investigation 2019_09

About the Book

This book provides research on a subset of altcoins soon after they reach the milestone of being listed on the CoinMarketCap® website. This research involves these main items, in no particular order of importance:

  1. Identifying online documentation related to the altcoin
  2. Extracting business problems solved (purportedly) or mitigated by the altcoin as specified by a subset of the documentation
  3. Extracting scam accusations made against the altcoin buried deep within a subset of online forums
  4. Extracting responses for or against those scam accusations within the same forums
  5. Extracting resources, such as articles or videos, posted within those forums
  6. Identifying possible fake posts (i.e. bot-generated posts meant to influence the perception of the altcoin) within those forums

This book is based on a voting system. Prospective and current readers can vote for research to be done on any altcoin which became listed during the month of September, 2019.  So far, 7 coins out of 59 total coins have received enough votes, and information on them can thus be found in this book.  The coins are : Amino Network (AMIO), Cryptocean (CRON), IDEALCOIN (IDEAL), Streamit Coin (STREAM), Taklimakan Network (TAN), Wavesbet (WBET), DigitalBits (XDB)

Note that coins in previous months that did not receive enough votes in previous volumes in the Altcoin Investigation series can still be voted on, but they will receive lower precedence for consideration than coins listed in the current book.  See the table of contents of this volume for a list of all the coins added so far, which will increase as the month progresses.

Coins are categorized and can be voted on by going to and making sure that the 2019-09 combination is chosen.  You can also see coins to vote on from other books in the Altcoin Investigation series on that page.

To see stats on what the book includes so far, scroll down to the table of contents.

About the Author

George Pestana
George Pestana

George is a computer programmer with a life-long love of poetry. He received his bachelor of science degree in computer science from the University of Texas at Austin in 1993. His facebook author page is .

Table of Contents

How to Use This Book

1. 3DC (3DCoin) [1 page]

2. ACU (Aitheon) [10 pages]

3. AMIO (Amino Network) [6 pages]

4. BTCF (Bitcoin Fast) [1 page]

5. BUSD (Binance USD) [1 page]

6. BXC (BonusCloud) [1 page]

7. BXY (Beaxy) [1 page]

8. CIPX (Colletrix) [2 pages]

9. CRON (Cryptocean) [20 pages]

10. CYBR (CYBR Token) [3 pages]

11. EC (Echoin) [1 page]

12. GAP (GAPS) [1 page]

13. IDEAL (IDEALCOIN) [8 pages]

14. IDRT (Rupiah Token) [1 page]

15. NEXXO (Nexxo) [1 page]

16. NODE (Whole Network) [1 page]

17. PAXG (PAX Gold) [1 page]

18. RALLY (Rally) [1 page]

19. RBG (Rankingball Gold) [3 pages]

20. SOVE (Soverain) [1 page]

21. STREAM (Streamit Coin) [10 pages]

22. TAN (Taklimakan Network) [16 pages]

23. TFB (TrueFeedBack) [1 page]

24. WBET (Wavesbet) [11 pages]

25. XDB (DigitalBits) [18 pages]


121 research pages in total, allocated amongst these industries :

1. Virtual Reality [1 page]

2. Artificial Intelligence [10 pages]

3. Distributed Computation [7 pages]

4. Cryptocurrencies [3 pages]

5. Cryptocurrency Exchanges [1 page]

6. Intellectual Property [2 pages]

7. Financial Services [21 pages]

8. Cybersecurity [3 pages]

9. Energy [1 page]

10. Gaming [1 page]

11. Social Media [9 pages]

12. Data Marketplace [1 page]

13. Precious Metals [1 page]

14. Gaming (eSports) [3 pages]

15. Cryptocurrency Management [1 page]

16. Content Distribution (Video) [10 pages]

17. Content Distribution (Crypto) [16 pages]

18. Surveys [1 page]

19. Gaming (Gambling) [11 pages]

20. Loyalty Rewards [18 pages]

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