Agile Retrospective Kickstarter
Agile Retrospective Kickstarter
Agile Retrospective Kickstarter

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Completed on 2016-11-06

About the Book

Yet another retrospective book? Why? There are already quite a few..

Yes! And that’s exactly the reason. I teach workshops on retrospectives (among other topics) to ScrumMasters, team-level and enterprise Agile coaches. And my observation is that despite of all the ocean of information on this topic, there still seems to be a big gap between the wisdom that is in the books and what people actually do in office meeting rooms under a lit sign: "Don’t enter. Retrospective on air".

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Fifty Quick Ideas To Improve Your Retrospectives
The Retrospective Handbook
Agile Retrospective Kickstarter
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About the Author

Alexey Krivitsky
Alexey Krivitsky

Alexey Krivitsky is a Lean-Agile practitioner with deep hands-on experience. First Scrum project run in 2003. Since then Alexey has been coaching teams and helping organizations gain more agility. Alexey has engineering background and is a software developer.

In 2008 Alexey kicked off the community and since then co-produced dozens of Agile events, including the sounding Agile Eastern Europe conferences 2009-2015. He is a public speaker. Alexey is also one of the few Certified Scrum Trainers.

Alexey is the author behind one of the most popular teaching simulations of Scrum with LEGO that has been translated to more than 15 languages.

Alexey occasionally blogs at

About the Contributors

Albina Popova
Albina Popova


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