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lego4scrum 3.0
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lego4scrum 3.0

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Completed on 2017-04-22

About the Book

lego4scrum has been known since the first paper written back in 2009. Since that time thousands of people facilitated this business simulation to demonstrate the power of the Agile principles and the Scrum framework.

This book combines the learnings of the past eight years facilitating lego4scrum workshops with groups of 10 to 150 participants.

This book is written for:

  • Scrum Trainers exploring way of adding more elements of interactivity and gaming into the trainings turning them more to “from the back of the room” kind of things.
  • Agile Coaches looking for new training and coaching ideas with some elements of serious plays and simulations.
  • Scrum Masters willing to get ideas how to introduce agile thinking to new teams and newcomers in a fun and easy way.
  • Professors and Teachers trying to adapt their teaching style to the ever-changing world that is full of games, fun and LEGO.
  • Anyone else who is in charge of "installing Agile thinking and Scrum in a workspace".

lego4scrum 3.0 incorporates the following popular agile coaching techniques:

  • user story mapping
  • magic estimates
  • overall backlog refinement with multiple teams
  • joint multi-team scrum meetings
  • continuous integration and deployment
  • and more little tips and tricks to make the simulation valuable and fun.

Get the book, get some LEGOs and have fun with this.

About the Author

Alexey Krivitsky
Alexey Krivitsky

Alexey Krivitsky is a Lean-Agile practitioner with deep hands-on experience. First Scrum project run in 2003. Since then Alexey has been coaching teams and helping organizations gain more agility. Alexey has engineering background and is a software developer.

In 2008 Alexey kicked off the community and since then co-produced dozens of Agile events, including the sounding Agile Eastern Europe conferences 2009-2015. He is a public speaker. Alexey is also one of the few Certified Scrum Trainers.

Alexey is the author behind one of the most popular teaching simulations of Scrum with LEGO that has been translated to more than 15 languages.

Alexey occasionally blogs at

Table of Contents

  • Foreword by Henrik Kniberg
  • About the 3rd Edition
    • This Book Is For
    • Complete (But Not Final)
    • What’s New In This Edition (And Why You Need To Have One)
  • The Big Success of lego4scrum - Thanks to You!
    • Translation Project
    • The Marvellous Community
    • Stay Tuned!
  • About The Author
    • Who am I?
    • Powder skiing, friends, juices and lego4scrum
    • My blogs and actual projects
  • I. Game Design
    • Am I Allowed To Customize lego4scrum?
    • Principles Behind lego4scrum
  • II. Before You Unpack LEGO
    • Unfold Your Agile Mindset
  • III. Three Key Game Dimensions
    • Dimension 1: Product Owner and Development Teams
    • Dimension 2: Customers and Product Organization
    • Dimension 3: Large-Scale Scrum
    • Picking the Right Dimension
  • IV. Walking Skeleton of the Simulation
    • Pre-game: Defining the Product
    • In-game: Building the Product
    • Post-game: Debrief
  • V. Preparing the Learning Environment
    • Room Setup
    • Stationary and Materials
    • Duct Tape
    • Markers
  • VI. Pre-game: Defining the Product
    • Setting the Stage
    • Forming the Teams and Selecting Roles
    • Pitching the Vision
    • User Story Mapping
    • Refining the Product Backlog (Overall Backlog Refinement)
    • Prioritizing the Product Backlog
  • VII. In-game: Building the Product
    • Planning a Sprint
    • Building an Increment
    • Reviewing an Increment
    • Retrospecting the Process
    • Planning Next Sprint
  • VIII. Post-game: Debrief
  • IX. Ideas on Scaling
    • Things to Consider When Going Large-Scale
    • This Is Just One Idea…
    • LeSS Huge
    • Inter-Product Features
    • Extended Product Vision
    • Self-Designing Teams
    • Teams Buying Resources
    • Scaled Simulation Outline
    • Big Times For Scaling - Detailed Report is Out!
  • That’s All, Folks!
  • Notes

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