Web Development with Zend… by Michael Romer [PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Web Development with Zend Framework 2
Web Development with Zend Framework 2
Web Development with Zend Framework 2

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Completed on 2013-08-15

About the Book

"Web Development with Zend Framework 2" is the first and only book about the brand new Zend Framework 2 - it's written for beginners as well as advanced users and it covers the fundamental concepts and brings tons of practical solutions for your daily business. "Web Development with Zend Framework 2" is the translation of the bestselling German book "Webentwicklung mit Zend Framework 2" with hundreds of downloads on Leanpub and Amazon.

Listen to what others say about the book:

"[..] a very good Zend Framework 2 book for beginners and advanced users [..] paves the way to Zend Framework 2. A Must-Have." (woy.ch)

"I just bought it and don't regret a single penny [..]. Yes, it's absolutely worth the money." (zfforum.de)

"Written in a very readable informal way, which makes makes reading fun. Personally, I favor this style of writing over the usual formal way of other development books." (blog.dirk-helbert.de)

Please note: Translation is work-in-progress and not all chapters of the original book are available in English yet. BUY NOW, START READING AND YOU WILL GET ALL UPDATES AND ADDITIONAL CHAPTERS FOR FREE and pushed automatically to your inbox once available.

This book is a translation into English of Webentwicklung mit Zend Framework 2 which was originally written in Deutsch.

About the Author

Michael Romer
Michael Romer

Hi there -

My name is Michael Romer. I manage agile software development projects and teams using Scrum and Kanban. I help web companies with their products and technology and I code web applications using PHP5 and Zend Framework 2. I used to work for eBay, daparto und erento and now I'm heading the "Digital Services" department of a huge German publishing house.

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