Cryptocurrency Guide for Newcomers
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Cryptocurrency Guide for Newcomers

Your guide to the world of digital money

About the Book

This book is a gentle introduction to cryptocurrencies. I will give you a bit of history, talk about Bitcoin and alt-coins -- everything in a clear and understandable way as if you'd be one of my family members asking about crypto during Christmas dinner.

What you'll get:

  • I introduce you to Bitcoin and the world of cryptocurrencies in simple terms without many buzzwords so you are onboarded easily
  • I share my best practices on how to convert your fiat (USD, EUR, AUD, etc) to crypto via exchanges
  • I share with you my choice of wallets where I store and grow my crypto assets
  • I tell you what DeFi is and how it works
  • I share with you my practices how I employ manual and automated trading methods -- even without any trading knowledge
  • I give you some options on how you can earn free cryptocurrency
  • I give you a bunch of updates even after the book is finished where I introduce you to different crypto projects just as a bonus

I am not a financial advisor, although I have studied economics this doesn't count. Therefore, if it seems to you I am giving financial advice: I am not. It's just my opinion. And as it is a very speedy market (well, Bitcoin moved +30% in 2 weeks), take care of the date I am writing everything. However, the backbone will be valid over time.

About the Author

Gábor László Hajba
Gábor László Hajba

Gábor László Hajba, a seasoned Senior Software Developer at ProLion GmbH in Wiener Neustadt, Austria, brings a wealth of expertise in Java and Python to his role. His primary responsibility involves crafting innovative solutions while also imparting valuable knowledge to his colleagues, ensuring they excel in their respective roles.

A testament to his proficiency, Gábor's book "Website Scraping with Python - Using BeautifulSoup and Scrapy" was published by Apress in 2018. This publication had its humble beginnings as a LeanPub book in 2014, reflecting his passion for sharing insights and empowering fellow developers.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Gábor finds immense joy in his personal life. He cherishes his role as a devoted husband and a proud father to a delightful little girl and an exuberant young boy. Additionally, he nurtures a keen interest in music and aspires to become a proficient bass player, demonstrating his relentless pursuit of growth and fulfillment.

Gábor's multifaceted journey showcases his dedication to both his craft and his loved ones, embodying the spirit of a well-rounded individual who excels in various domains.

Table of Contents

    • Preface
      • Writing on LeanPub
      • Referal links
      • Accuracy of the links, other errors
    • Introduction
      • Embracing the Digital Revolution
      • Your Journey Starts Here
      • A Holistic Approach
      • Your Guide, Your Choice
      • Let’s Begin
  • General Cryptocurrency Introduction
    • What is Cryptocurrency?
      • Defining Cryptocurrency
      • The Birth of Bitcoin
      • Understanding Blockchain Technology
      • Key Features of Cryptocurrency
      • Common Cryptocurrencies
      • Conclusion
    • The History of Cryptocurrency
      • The Precursors to Cryptocurrency
      • The Birth of Bitcoin
      • Early Developments and Altcoins
      • Expansion and Mainstream Adoption
      • The Future of Cryptocurrency
      • Conclusion
    • Blockchain Technology
      • Understanding Blockchain
      • Applications of Blockchain
      • Challenges and Future Perspectives
      • Conclusion
    • How Cryptocurrency Works
      • The Foundation: Blockchain Technology
      • Cryptographic Principles
      • Transaction Validation and Mining
      • Wallets and Addresses
      • Conclusion
    • Navigating the Waves: Understanding Cryptocurrency Market Cycles
      • The Essence of Cryptocurrency Market Cycles
      • Phases of Cryptocurrency Market Cycles
      • Unique Traits of Crypto Markets
      • Duration and Timing of Crypto Cycles
      • External Influences on Crypto Markets
      • Investor Behavior and Market Psychology
      • Strategic Approaches to Crypto Investment
      • Conclusion
    • Bitcoin: The Digital Gold
      • The Genesis of Bitcoin
      • Understanding Blockchain Technology
      • Bitcoin’s Key Features
      • Bitcoin as Digital Gold
      • Bitcoin’s Impact on the Financial Landscape
      • Risks and Challenges
      • Conclusion
    • Ethereum: The Digital Oil
      • The Birth of Ethereum
      • Understanding the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)
      • Smart Contracts and Decentralized Applications (dApps)
      • Ethereum’s Native Cryptocurrency: Ether (ETH)
      • Decentralized Finance (DeFi) on Ethereum
      • Ethereum 2.0 and the Transition to Proof of Stake
      • Impact on the Decentralized Ecosystem
      • Challenges and Future Outlook
      • Conclusion
    • Altcoins: Exploring the Diversity of Cryptocurrencies
      • Understanding Altcoins
      • Types of Altcoins
      • Factors to Consider When Investing in Altcoins
      • Evaluating Altcoin Projects
      • Conclusion
    • Decentralized Finance (DeFi): Unlocking the Future of Finance
      • Understanding DeFi
      • Core Principles of DeFi
      • Key DeFi Use Cases
      • Challenges and Risks in DeFi
      • Conclusion
    • Buying and Storing Cryptocurrencies
      • Fiat Onramps
      • Buying Gems on a CEX
      • Personal Wallet
    • NFTs: Exploring the World of Digital Collectibles
      • Understanding NFTs
      • Impact and Applications of NFTs
      • Challenges and Considerations
      • Conclusion
    • Crypto Influencers: Shaping the Digital Frontier
      • Understanding Crypto Influencers
      • The Role of Crypto Influencers
      • Responsibilities and Ethical Considerations
      • Navigating the Crypto Influencer Landscape
      • Conclusion
    • Do Your Own Research (DYOR)
      • Watching YouTube
      • Where you can get insights on the project?
      • Look at the Market Cap and calculate
      • What to look at in a project
    • Cryptocurrency Mining: How it Works
      • Understanding Cryptocurrency Mining
      • The Mining Process
      • Economic Incentives for Miners
      • Conclusion
    • Cryptocurrency Regulation, Legal Considerations, and Taxes
      • Understanding Cryptocurrency Regulation
      • Cryptocurrency Ownership and Legal Status
      • Cryptocurrency Classification for Tax Purposes
      • Conclusion
    • Cryptocurrency Security: Protecting Your Investments
      • Understanding Security Risks
      • Best Practices for Cryptocurrency Security
      • Additional Security Measures
      • Conclusion
    • Cryptocurrency in Everyday Life
      • Cryptocurrency as a Medium of Exchange
      • Cryptocurrency Integration in Traditional Industries
      • Benefits and Challenges of Cryptocurrency Adoption
      • Conclusion
    • The Future of Cryptocurrency
      • Advancements in Blockchain Technology
      • Mainstream Adoption and Integration
      • Regulatory Considerations
      • Challenges and Risks
      • Conclusion
  • Trading Cryptocurrencies
    • Crypto Trading: Navigating the Digital Markets
      • Understanding Crypto Exchanges
      • Key Considerations for Crypto Trading
      • Trading Strategies
      • Market Analysis and Tools
      • Risk and Challenges
      • Conclusion
    • Simple Trading Strategy: The Trend-Following Approach
      • Understanding the Trend-Following Strategy
      • Key Elements of the Trend-Following Strategy
      • Advantages of the Trend-Following Strategy
      • Limitations and Risks
      • Conclusion
    • Scalping: Seizing Quick Profits
      • Understanding Scalping
      • Key Elements of Scalping
      • Scalping Techniques
      • Advantages of Scalping
      • Challenges and Risks of Scalping
      • Conclusion
    • Day Trading Crypto: Navigating the Intraday Market
      • Understanding Day Trading
      • Key Elements of Day Trading
      • Day Trading Techniques
      • Considerations and Risk Management
      • Conclusion
    • Swing Trading Crypto: Capturing Price Swings
      • Understanding Swing Trading
      • Key Elements of Swing Trading
      • Swing Trading Techniques
      • Advantages of Swing Trading
      • Challenges and Risks of Swing Trading
      • Conclusion
    • Trading Crypto Using Bollinger Bands: Riding the Bands
      • Understanding Bollinger Bands
      • Interpreting Bollinger Bands
      • Bollinger Bands Trading Strategies
      • Considerations and Risk Management
      • Conclusion
    • Leveraged Trading Crypto: Amplifying Potential Gains and Risks
      • Understanding Leverage
      • How Leverage Works
      • Common Leverage Ratios
      • Benefits of Leveraged Trading
      • Risks of Leveraged Trading
      • Risk Management in Leveraged Trading
      • Conclusion
    • Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs): Empowering Peer-to-Peer Trading
      • Understanding Decentralized Exchanges
      • Benefits of Decentralized Exchanges
      • Decentralized Exchange Models
      • Considerations for Using DEXs
      • Conclusion
    • Automated trading with and without bots
      • Trading with bots
      • Learning more
    • The altseason exit strategy
      • Time- or event-bound
      • Taking profits along the way
      • Securing your profits
      • Implementing
      • Summary
  • Altcoins
    • Cardano: Revolutionizing Blockchain Technology
      • Embracing a Scientific Approach
      • The Three Layers of Cardano
      • Sustainability and Scalability
      • Interoperability and Partnerships
      • Real-World Applications and Adoption
      • Conclusion
    • Litecoin (LTC): The Silver to Bitcoin’s Gold
      • A Brief History of Litecoin
      • The Technical Brilliance of Litecoin
      • Speed and Efficiency: The Litecoin Advantage
      • Segregated Witness (SegWit) and the Lightning Network
      • Embracing the Future: Litecoin’s Continued Development
      • The Role of Litecoin in the Crypto Ecosystem
      • Conclusion
    • XRP: The Digital Asset Revolutionizing Global Payments
      • A Brief History of XRP
      • The Ripple Network: Empowering Global Payments
      • Speed and Efficiency: Ripple’s Strengths
      • Liquidity and Cost Reduction with XRP
      • Regulatory Compliance and Partnerships
      • Beyond Borders: Ripple’s Vision for the Future
      • Conclusion
    • XMR: Privacy and Security in the Digital Age
      • The Birth of Monero
      • Privacy as a Fundamental Feature
      • Security and Fungibility
      • User Empowerment and Decentralization
      • Real-World Applications
      • Conclusion
    • Polkadot (DOT): Connecting the Decentralized Web
      • The Vision of Polkadot
      • The Polkadot Architecture
      • Interoperability and Scalability
      • Governance and Upgradability
      • Real-World Applications
      • Conclusion
    • Bitcoin Cash (BCH): Empowering Peer-to-Peer Digital Cash
      • The Genesis of Bitcoin Cash
      • Fast and Low-Cost Transactions
      • On-Chain Scalability
      • Commitment to Decentralization
      • Potential Use Cases
      • Embracing the Future
      • Conclusion
    • Chainlink (LINK): Bridging the Gap Between Smart Contracts and Real-World Data
      • The Need for Real-World Data
      • How Chainlink Works
      • Secure and Trustworthy Data Delivery
      • Real-World Use Cases
      • Embracing a Connected Future
      • Conclusion
    • Binance Coin (BNB): Fueling Innovation in the Crypto Space
      • The Binance Exchange
      • The Role of BNB
      • BNB’s Performance and Adoption
      • Looking Ahead
    • Stellar (XLM): Empowering Financial Inclusion and Cross-Border Transactions
      • The Foundation of Stellar
      • Stellar’s Unique Architecture
      • Advancing Financial Inclusion
      • Stellar’s Growing Ecosystem
      • Conclusion
    • Tezos (XTZ): Empowering Decentralized Applications and Digital Assets
      • The Self-Amending Blockchain
      • Key Features of Tezos
      • Empowering Decentralized Applications
      • Noteworthy Developments in the Tezos Ecosystem
      • Conclusion
    • VeChain (VET): Transforming Supply Chain Management with Blockchain Technology
      • Enhancing Transparency and Traceability
      • Key Features of VeChain
      • Applications of VeChain in Supply Chain Management
      • Noteworthy Developments in the VeChain Ecosystem
      • Conclusion
    • NEO: Empowering a Smart Economy with Blockchain Technology
      • Smart Contracts and Digital Assets
      • Key Features of NEO
      • Potential Applications of NEO
      • Noteworthy Developments in the NEO Ecosystem
      • Conclusion
    • Solana: Powering the Future of Blockchain Technology
      • Unleashing Scalability with Proof of History (PoH)
      • Achieving Blazing-Fast Speed with Tower BFT
      • Seamless Interoperability with Solana’s Ecosystem
      • Potential Applications of Solana
      • Noteworthy Developments in the Solana Ecosystem
      • Conclusion
    • Dogecoin (DOGE): The Playful Cryptocurrency That Took the World by Storm
      • The Birth of Dogecoin
      • The Playful Features of Dogecoin
      • Dogecoin’s Rise to Prominence
      • The Future of Dogecoin
      • Conclusion
    • Ergo: Unleashing Secure and Programmable Money
      • Unleashing the Power of Sigma Protocols
      • ErgoScript: Unlocking Programmable Money
      • Ergo’s UTXO Model: Enhanced Security and Scalability
      • Oracle Pools: Trustworthy Real-World Data
      • Ergo’s Ecosystem and Collaborations
      • Realizing the Potential of Ergo
      • Conclusion
    • Cosmos: Interoperability and the Internet of Blockchains
      • The Vision of Interconnected Blockchains
      • The Cosmos Hub and Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC)
      • Sovereign and Scalable Blockchains with Tendermint Consensus
      • Potential Applications of Cosmos
      • Noteworthy Developments in the Cosmos Ecosystem
      • Conclusion
    • MATIC: Powering Scalable and Efficient Blockchain Solutions
      • Scaling Ethereum with MATIC
      • Key Features and Advantages of MATIC
      • Potential Applications of MATIC
      • Noteworthy Developments in the MATIC Ecosystem
      • Conclusion
    • BAT: Empowering a Decentralized Advertising Ecosystem
      • The Basic Attention Token (BAT) Concept
      • Key Features and Advantages of BAT
      • Potential Impact and Use Cases of BAT
      • Noteworthy Developments in the BAT Ecosystem
      • Conclusion
  • Notes

Causes Supported

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Changing how we talk about mental health in the tech community.

Changing how we talk about mental health in the tech community.

Open Sourcing Mental Illness is a non-profit, 501c3 corporation dedicated to raising awareness, educating, and providing resources to support mental wellness in the tech and open source communities. OSMI began in 2013 as a speaking campaign by Ed Finkler. Ed started speaking at tech conferences about his personal experiences as a web developer and open source advocate with a mental health disorder. The response was overwhelming, and Ed has continued to speak, gather data, and organize efforts to change experiences of those with mental health disorders in the tech workplace. This includes speaking at conferences and companies, conducting research, and creating documentation to assist companies in making supportive environments for those impacted by mental health disorders. He is assisted in these efforts by selfless volunteers who bring their time and expertise to bear on this important issue.

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