XML processing and website scraping in Java
XML processing and website scraping in Java
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XML processing and website scraping in Java

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Completed on 2017-11-16

About the Book

This book is about XML and HTML processing in the Java world.

First I tell you how I got to this topic and how I learned about XMLBeam and JSoup.

This book is practical: I have a lot of sample code in it and you can use it as a tutorial for XMLBeam and JSoup. However the documentation of those two frameworks should be read too.

I talk in this book about XML converting on the Google App Engine (to PDF, RTF, DocX, HTML), create a website scraper with JSoup and XMLBeam to compare the performance of them both.

And at the end I show how you can customize the toString option of both frameworks.

About the Author

Gábor László Hajba
Gábor László Hajba

Gabor Laszlo Hajba is IT Consultant with a core competence of Java and Python. As the CEO of the JaPy Szoftver Kft in Sopron, Hungary he is responsible for designing and developing customer needs in the enterprise software world. Beside this he holds workshops on Java and Java Enterprise Edition.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
    • LeanPub
    • What took me the most time?
    • Acknowledgement
  • XML Processing and the Google App Engine
    • Why GAE?
    • Getting the data
    • XML to HTML
    • XML to PDF
    • XML to RTF
    • XML to “.*X”
    • Exporting the files in GAE
  • XML Processing Advanced
    • XML Extractor – my version of solving the problem (brute force)
    • Beam me up, Sven
    • Conclusion
  • XML processing when memory matters
    • SAX
    • StAX
    • JAXB
    • Code
    • Conclusion
  • Website scraping with JSoup and XMLBeam
    • Introduction of the task
    • XMLBeam
    • JSoup
    • Comparison of runtime
    • Conclusion
  • Runtime comparison advanced
    • Visualizing the data
    • No network I/O – caching the sites in the memory
    • No file I/O – parse the sites only
    • One more performance tweak
    • Conclusion
  • Upgrade to Java 8
    • New features in Java 8
    • Using parallel streams
    • Making the data preparation faster
    • Parallelizing the content scraping
  • Using other XPath engines with XMLBeam
    • Xalan
    • Saxon
    • Conclusion
  • Custom printing for HTML with JSoup
    • Prettier printing
    • Conclusion and source code
  • Printing XMLBeam projections
    • Java 6 or 7
    • Java 8
    • Java 8 revisited
    • Source code
  • Wrap-up
  • Notes

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