What The CheckRaise?
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What The CheckRaise?

WTFlop (HU) / River Strategies 200bb Deep in a Check Raised Pot

About the Book

This analysis focuses on a Heads Up hand where the Button raises to 3bbs and gets called by the big blind. They see a flop of 9d8c4h and the BTN bets 4bbs, the BB check raises to 13bbs, and the BTN calls. The turn is the 5c, and the BB bets 24bbs into the 32bb pot and the BTN calls. The analysis focuses on the best river line for the BB on the Ad river with a variety of different hands. We examine check raising, check calling, bet calling and bet/folding options.

About the Author

What The Flop
What The Flop

I am the co-founder of a new type of poker training site, focusing on mathematical analysis, wtflop.com. I have been a professional poker player for the last 3+ years and I have been using CardrunnersEV calculator for the last 4 years to mathematically analyze hands I have played and general poker situations. I make instructional poker videos with an emphasis on mathematical analysis and approach at LeggoPoker.com

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Table of Contents

  • Setup: Preflop to Postflop
    • River
    • Goals for the Analysis
    • What Ranges Do Each Player Arrive to the River With?
  • Exploitative Analysis
    • If the BB bets $360 - BTN will
    • If the BB checks - BTN will
  • BB’s maximally exploitative counter strategy
    • BTN’s Breakdown
  • Analyzing the Results of the Exploitative Analysis Using Game Theory

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