Ultimate Guide To Scrapy
Ultimate Guide To Scrapy
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Ultimate Guide To Scrapy

Last updated on 2018-04-05

About the Book

More and more people are learning web scraping in Python3 but I found out there is no good resources for people to learn Scrapy, which is the most powerful web scraping framework in Python world, considering I have rich experience in this area, so I decide to publish a book to help people, and I plan to continuously add more useful content to this book in future.

The code of many web scraping tutorial soon become unhelpful if the target website changes its structure or implement a new anti-spider policy, which makes reader scratch head and wants somebody who can help them. That is why I include the web scraping exercises in this book, my goal is to try to break down a complex mission such as crawling a bunch of websites to some small tasks so people can try to solve them step by step. 

Who is this book for:

This book is for anyone interested in web scraping in Python3

You can get started if you have no tech background.

About the Author


MichaelYin is a full stack developer who has rich experience in Python, and he is also a tech writer who loves to write high-quality tutorial about programming.

He has wrote Scrapy tutorial which help people to learn web scraping using Scrapy in Python3, and Wagtail tutorial which help people to build blog using Wagtail CMS.

His books on Leanpub include Build Blog With Wagtail CMS, and Ultimate Guide To Scrapy.

In addition to coding and writing, Michael acts as a consultant to a number of Python CMS projects and Web scraping projects. You can contact him on MichaelYin's Blog.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
    • Why I wrote this book
    • Who is this book for
    • What if you have problem or suggestions
  • Install Scrapy On Mac
    • Basic Points
    • Quick way to install Scrapy on Mac
    • More decent way to install Scrapy on Mac
    • ipython shell
  • Install Scrapy On Linux
    • Introduction:
    • Basic Points
    • Quick and dirty way to install Scrapy on Linux
    • More decent way to install Scrapy on Linux
    • ipython shell
  • Install Scrapy On Windows
    • Introduction:
    • Python Version
    • Quick way to install Scrapy on Windows
    • Some notes about install Scrapy on Windows
  • How To Create Simple Scrapy Spider
    • Introduction:
    • Scrapy Commands
    • Create Simple Scrapy Project
    • Our first Scrapy spider
    • Conclusion
  • Learning Scrapy Shell
    • Scrapy shell commands
    • Make Your Scrapy Shell More Powerful
    • Conclusion
  • How to use XPath with Scrapy
    • Basic points of Xpath
    • Advanced Xpath
    • How to get XPath in Chrome
    • How to get XPath in Firefox
    • Conclusion
  • Scrapy Selector Guide
    • Description
    • Constructing Selectors
    • How to use Scrapy selectors
    • Nesting Selectors
    • Conclusion
  • How To Use Scrapy Item
    • Scrapy Item VS Python Dict
    • How To Define Scrapy Item & How To Use It
    • Item Pipeline
    • Activate Pipeline
    • Run Spider & Check Databse
    • TroubleShoot:
    • Conclusion
  • How To Build A Real Spider
    • Analyze Dom Element In Browser DevTools
    • Testing Code in Scrapy Shell
    • Write Spider code
    • Handle Pagination
    • Conclusion
  • Scrapy Exercises
    • Why I create this project
    • What is included in these web scraping exercises.
    • Who might need this project
    • How it works
    • Scrapy Exercise #1: Basic Info Scraping
    • Scrapy Exercise #2: Analyze JSON
    • Scrapy Exercise #3: Recursively Scraping pages
    • Scrapy Exercise #4: Mimicking Ajax requests
    • Scrapy Exercise #5: Inspect HTTP request
    • Scrapy Exercise #6: Scraping Infinite Scrolling Pages (Ajax)
    • Scrapy Exercise #7: Find gold in cookie
    • Scrapy Exercise #8: Login form
    • Scrapy Exercise #9: Solve Captcha
    • Scrapy Exercise #10: Decode minified javascript
  • How to Crawl Infinite Scrolling Pages
    • Background Context
    • Analyze web page
    • Workflow Chart
    • Scrapy solution
    • BeautifulSoup solution
    • What’s Next and What Have You Learned?

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