OKRs, From Mission to Metrics
OKRs, From Mission to Metrics
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OKRs, From Mission to Metrics

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Last updated on 2018-12-14

About the Book

What Intel, Google, Zynga, Linkedin, and Sears have in common? OKRs. OKRs translate a company's vision and strategy into a coherent set of performance measures. The three layers of organization: Dreams, OKRs, and To dos, offer a balance between long-term goals and short-term planning, between outcomes that are desired by the organization and actual performance KPIs that drive these outcomes, between harder and softer performance measures. Francisco Mello, founder of Qulture.Rocks, takes you through the history of using goals for management, from MBOs to OKRs, and presents OKRs with a constant focus on its key differences from older frameworks such as MBOs.

This book is a translation into English of OKRs, da Missão às Métricas which was originally written in Português.

About the Author

Francisco Souza Homem de Mello

Founder of Qulture.Rocks, a performance management platform, and author of The 3G Way: Dream, People, and Culture. Francisco is passionate about management, a journey he's been on since he left College. After 10 years in finance (investment management), he left an Executive Director role to pursue his dream of entrepreneurship, with the founding of Qulture.Rocks. Francisco is also an Ironman triathlon finisher and crazy about X-Plane flight simulation.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Introduction
    • What are OKRs?
    • Why use OKRs in managing your company?
    • Why are OKRs different?
  • 2 A brief history of OKRs
    • Mace and goal setting
    • Peter Drucker, George Odiorne and MBO
    • Hoshin Kanri, or Policy Deployment, in Japan
    • Andy Grove and Intel: iMBOs
    • John Doerr, Google and OKRs
  • 3 A bit of goal-setting science
    • Goal-setting theory, or GST
    • Getting goals right
  • 4 The current state of goal management
  • 5 What’s different in OKRs
    • Compensation
    • Short cycles and nested cadences
    • Transparency
    • Bottom-up and top-down
    • Moonshots
  • 6 OKRs and strategy
    • Vision and mission
    • Strategic OKRs
    • Annual OKRs
  • 7 The OKR short cycle
    • Nested cadences, or cycles
    • The short cycle
  • 8 Planning
    • To cascade or not to cascade? That is the question
    • Unfolding and aligning OKRs
  • 9 Monitoring
    • Results meetings
  • 10 Debriefing
    • Grading OKRs
    • Running the debriefing
  • 11 Most common mistakes
  • 12 Bibliography
  • 13 Final note

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