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The Tapping Toolkit
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The Tapping Toolkit

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Last updated on 2019-03-25

About the Book

The Tapping Toolkit is a compilation of some of the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) / Tapping processes that I have developed over more than 14 years as an EFT Practitioner and Trainer.

What You Will Find In This Book

The techniques presented in this book range from very simple tactics to quite broad strategies for dealing with difficult situations.

They will help you:

  • Neutralise resistance to tapping so that you can get on with making the changes you want to make.
  • Make problems more “tappable”.
  • Identify and neutralise blocks to getting things done.
  • Soften negative emotions quickly and easily.
  • Easily find and dissolve limiting beliefs.
  • Change unhelpful patterns of behaviour and help create new ways of doing things.

What You Won't Find In This Book

This isn't a book for people who want to be spoon fed. There is no introduction to EFT and you wont find any tapping scripts or overly simple solutions to complex problems.

Who This Book Is For

The Tapping Toolkit is for people who already know and use EFT/Tapping for their own self development or with the people they work with in their professional lives.

It is a collection of techniques designed for people who want to be free of their unhelpful and limiting thoughts, feelings, beliefs and patterns of behaviour.

To get the best out of the book you need to be willing to explore your own experience, try things out and learn from the process.

It is an opportunity and an invitation to develop your awareness, intuition and judgement about your inner world and give you new ways to work with what you find.

Get this book if you want to add new techniques and tactics to your self help or therapeutic activities as using them can lessen the amount of emotional suffering in your life.


Unlike a book you buy from Amazon or a bookshop this book is a work in progress.

I encourage you to offer feedback and ask questions about the book so that I can build a better new version. Each new version will be better and more comprehensive than the version before it.

Whenever you buy the book you will receive free updates when the next version is published.

When the book is completed a old-fashioned paperback version of the will be produced. Anyone who has bought the ebook version will be entitled to a substantial discount on the paperback edition.

About the Author

Andy Hunt
Andy Hunt

Andy Hunt is a therapist and trainer in the north east of England who specialises in using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

As a therapist, I specialise in helping people who didn't feel good enough as children, and still don't feel good enough now, to change the way they think, feel and act so they can be kinder to the person they are and become the person they want to be.

As a therapist and trainer I specialise in using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and through that work I developed the Identity Healing processes.

As is often the case with people in the counselling/therapy professions my interest in this work grew out of my own history and needs.

A very long time ago, I was a rather shy, introspective teenager that got interested in psychology as a way of better understanding myself and getting along with others.

At university although I didn’t study psychology I read a lot about it and took part in some encounter groups (which were big in the 70s) and got interested in counselling.

After university, at the tender age of 22, I took a three year part time Person Centred counselling diploma course with the Person Centred Approach Institute, an organisation associated with Carl Rogers the originator of Person Centred counselling.

When I had completed this training I realised that I wasn’t ready yet to be a counsellor and needed much more life experience to be effective; so I went into the variety of jobs that eventually led me to be a software engineer.

In 2000, I started to learn NLP in earnest and then EFT. Using these techniques consistently I began to notice profound shifts in my experience. Feeling much more at ease with myself than I had ever done before.

Having helped myself, I wanted to help other people, so I trained to be a Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP and a Level 3 Practitioner and Trainer of EFT. I am a member of the NLPtCA and AAMET.

I am the creator of the Identity Healing therapeutic processes.

Table of Contents

    • Introduction
  • Safety Briefing
    • Tapping: Natural, Powerful and Safe?
    • Practice Safe EFT For Better Self Help
  • Foundations
    • The Right Stuff
    • Tapping On The Small Stuff Can Make A Big Difference
    • Resistance has got a bad name.
    • Dealing With Our Tapping Blocks
    • Beware Premature Reassurance
  • Simple Tapping Techniques
    • Solving Everyday Problems
    • Repair and Prepare: Tapping Your Way Out Of Repetitive Stress
    • The Problem With The Problem
    • Simple Acceptance Tapping
    • Inclusive Tapping
    • Compassionate EFT
    • Are Your Adjectives Bothering You?
    • Improve Your Tapping By Changing One Word
    • Choose Your Negative Emotions To Lose Them
    • Changing How You Feel About Your Feelings
  • Intermediate Techniques
    • Find Your Limiting Beliefs With Just One Word
    • Exception Tapping
    • The Belief Flip
    • How To Stop Shoulding On Yourself
    • Paradoxical Tapping
    • How To Tap To Be At Your Best In Challenging Situations
    • The Gratitude Flip
    • How to use EFT to get beyond “I’m right and you’re wrong”
    • How To Unhook Negative Thoughts With EFT
    • The Curious Importance of This and That
    • Tapping In The 3rd Person For Better Self-Help
  • Advanced Techniques
    • A Crucial Distinction For Releasing Troublesome Memories With EFT
    • 3 Perspective Tapping
    • How To Work With Your Resistance.
    • Tapping Into Our Shadow
    • Why Annoying People Can Be Good For You
    • How To Tap Into The Gifts Of The Shadow
    • Stepping Back To Tap
    • Tapping For More Freedom
  • And finally …
    • About Andy Hunt
  • Notes

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