The Ten Meal Week
The Ten Meal Week
The Ten Meal Week

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Last updated on 2017-11-13

About the Book

The Ten Meal Week is a very thin book. It has a free minimum price. It's currently free to read on the web, but if you buy it (even for free) you get free updates forever. If you really like it, you can consider buying another copy, paying what you think it was worth to you. For example, one fun thing (especially for me!) that you could do is buy it for free, and then buy it again for $1 for every pound you lost following the advice!

* * *

I love food.

I love homemade food, I love restaurant food and I love fast food. I love many types of food, from many cultures.

I don't know whether I love homemade beef lasagna (a modified Jamie Oliver recipe) more than homemade mushroom risotto (a Marcella Hazan recipe, with all the stirring that implies). When I visit Vancouver, I don't know whether I prefer the spicy miso ramen from Kintaro to the bamboo charcoal ramen from Motomachi Shokudo–or whether I should just go to Guu Izakaya and order six of my favorite dishes. I don't know whether I prefer In-N-Out burger to CoCo Curry. I don't know whether I prefer the duck noodle soup from JJ Wonton in Victoria to the Singapore laksa from Kaya in Vancouver, or whether I prefer their Roti Canai to good Naan bread. I also don't know whether I prefer my homemade pistachio gelato to my wife's version of BAKE Japanese cheese tarts. I don't even know whether I prefer the pecan pie from Whole Foods to their apple pie or pumpkin pie.

I do know, however, that every diet I've ever seen would have a problem with me eating everything in the above list–let alone eating many of those dishes in the same week. Heck, the lasagna we make at home probably eliminates most of those diets singlehandedly, especially if you saw how much Parmigiano Reggiano my son adds to it when he "super cheeses" it.

Unsurprisingly, I've never been able to stick to any diet, even the ones (like South Beach) which worked for me when I was on them. I just love food too much.

Through the approach in The Ten Meal Week, I lost 21 pounds in 9 weeks, with no restrictions on what I could eat–just on when I could eat it.

About the Author

Peter Armstrong
Peter Armstrong

Peter Armstrong is the co-founder and CEO of Leanpub. He has almost two decades of experience in software, half of it as a developer at Silicon Valley startups. He founded Ruboss in 2008, and created Leanpub with Scott Patten in 2010.

Peter is also the author of 7 books: Yoshidaguchi, Your First Trip to Japan, The Markua Specification, Programming for KidsLean Publishing, Flexible Rails and Hello! Flex 4. He has a BSc in Computer Science and Psychology from the University of Victoria.

Peter coined the term "lean publishing" to describe the act of self-publishing an in-progress ebook. Leanpub was created based on the principles of lean publishing. He lives in Victoria, BC with his wife and son.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Eating
    • Eat Whatever, Not Whenever, You Want
    • When to Eat: Two Versions
      • The Thursday Fast Version
      • The 7 Dinner Version
  • Drinking
    • Coffee: Black During Fasts
    • Water: Unlimited (Flat or Sparkling)
    • Vegetable Juice: Unlimited
      • Turmeric Drug Interactions
    • Fruit Juice: Eliminate
    • Soda: Eliminate
    • Alcohol: Minimize (Eliminate During a Fast)
  • Exercise
  • The Life-Changing Magic of Losing Weight
  • Exclusions
    • NOT for Pregnant Women
    • NOT for Children or Teenagers
    • NOT for People with an Eating Disorder
  • Disclaimers
    • I’m Not a Woman
    • I’m Not a Doctor, Nutritionist or Scientist
  • Acknowledgments

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