[S]elections in Minnesota: An Introduction to How Machines Controlled 2020
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[S]elections in Minnesota: An Introduction to How Machines Controlled 2020

And Why We Must Return to Hand Counting Paper Ballots

About the Book

"The highest priority as a bad guy would be to subvert our election system. The reason is: you can take over a country without firing a shot. If you can decide who the leaders are, if you can put judges, if you can answer constitutional questions any which you want, over a period of time—you're not going to do it in one election, it's going to take a bunch of elections—but you can take over a country. And that would be my top priority (as a bad guy). Nuclear weapons would be a close second, but the top one would be elections."

—Jeff Lenburg, nation-state vulnerability expert in the May 9, 2022 Otero County, New Mexico Emergency meeting


Let’s start with where we are headed.

We are on our way to a future where every voter’s vote is counted and 100% auditable immediately. See this video clip from Col. Phil Waldron in a Nye County Commissioner’s meeting in March 2022 where a resolution was passed by the commissioners 5-0 to remove electronic voting equipment from future elections. (They weren’t the only county in Nevada to do so.)

A win for the enemy is to keep electronic voting machines and systems. We cannot allow that to happen. That is, if you understand the anomalies, indications, and evidence showing what these machines and their code are capable of.

Elections have become too complicated. And complexity breeds corruption. By contrast, simplicity yields success.

Elections should be:

   - A single day, probably a national holiday

   - Machine-less

   - Decentralized to promote local oversight and control

   - Conducted with paper ballots, hand counted, that are 100% auditable immediately

Elections should not have:

   - Dropboxes

   - Mail-in ballots

   - Long absentee and early voting periods

   - Machine-driven check-in (epollbooks)

   - Machine-driven counting and tallying (tabulators)

   - Machine-driven adjudicating and recording (election management systems)

In Minnesota, the already opaque computer systems are increasingly networked and centralized. When centralized, it is easier for just a few bad actors to control election outcomes.

Those who control the machines, control who wins.

This short book will shine light on exactly how that happens.


This digital version of this book is completely free. If you learn something from it, please share it generously.

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About the Author

Erik van Mechelen
Erik van Mechelen

This is my seventeenth year living in Minnesota, although my family returned to Stevens County each year in my youth from Texas, Gabon, Louisiana, Indonesia, and China, where my dad's work as a geophysicist brought us. In 5th grade and 7th grade (as secretary) I served in the student council, and was later named or voted captain of several sports teams, including my college soccer team which went to the NCAA tournament. After college, I worked four years in the inventory and software divisions at Target in Minneapolis before investing in myself as a freelance writer for the past eight years. I've assisted governors with a USA Today article and a military veteran with his autobiography, cowrote several books, one a Wall Street Journal bestseller, and helped about 90 authors choose the title of their book.

With a growing understanding of what happened on November 3rd, 2020, life took a turn. After working with grassroots Minnesotans seeking audits, I attended Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in August 2021. There I met people like Draza Smith, Seth Keshel, Mark Cook, and Col. Phil Waldron and also learned from people like Col. Shawn Smith, Patrick Colbeck, Joe Oltmann, and Professor David Clements. Here in Minnesota, I've continued to absorb much from people like Rick Weible and Susan Smith, as well as from those attending county commissioners meetings in Crow Wing, Dakota, and Sherburne County. Several dozen more men and women could be listed to whom I am grateful.

These experiences and relationships were vital in preparing me to not only make the decision to run for Minnesota Secretary of State, but also to become the servant leader necessary to resolve our election problems, preserve election integrity, and restore confidence to all Minnesota voters that their constitutional right to vote (and to not be disenfranchised of that right) is fully protected.

Outside of learning about elections, I enjoy running, gardening, and playing the piano.

Hebrews 12:1 (KJV) reads "Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us."

About the Contributors

Eric Buisson
Eric Buisson

Cover Artist

Table of Contents

  • Introduction - A Totalitarian Flavor
    • Control Through Machines
  • Chapter One - Preparation
    • Minnesota Statutes and Election Law
    • Modern Electronic Election Systems
    • The Statewide Voter Registration System (SVRS)
    • Epollbooks
    • Ballot Preparation
    • Voting Machines
    • Tabulation Systems
    • Influence Operations
  • Chapter Two - Attack
    • Did Ballot Traffickers Work in Minnesota?
  • Chapter Three - Backup Attack
    • Edison Zero
    • Rhode Island
    • Minnesota’s Simulation
  • Chapter Four - Defense
    • Part of Their Plan?
    • 700,000 Reported Absentee Voters Not Connected in SVRS
    • Minnesota Post Election Review Reveals Missing Ballots
    • A Petition to Stop the Certification of Minnesota’s Election
    • Crow Wing County
    • Dakota County
    • Wright County
    • Morrison County
    • Sherburne County
    • Where Are the Cast Vote Records?
    • Pushing Back Against Tyranny
    • Then vs. Now
  • Chapter Five - Minnesota in 2022
    • The Preparation Phase in Minnesota for 2022
    • MNGOP Pressures Republicans
    • Confirmed and Documented Tampering of Delegate Lists
    • Endorsing Conventions
    • The Secretary of State Endorsement
    • How Much is a Party Endorsement Worth?
    • Electronic Voting
    • Primary Election on August 9
  • Chapter Six - Recommendations
    • Small Counties with Great Potential
    • Objections to Hand Counting
    • How Much Do Machine Elections Cost?
    • The County Commission Strategy
    • Resolutions
    • Are You a County Commissioner, City Council Member, or Township Supervisor?
    • Are You a Candidate?
    • Use Your Platform
    • Do You Have A Few Minutes Per Day?
    • Vote in Person in the Primary and Midterm Elections
  • Chapter Seven - Security Threats to Our Election System
    • Election Infrastructure Components
    • Consequences of Election Infrastructure Security Breaches
  • Chapter Eight - Where We Go From Here
    • What Diplomacy Teaches
    • The Power of Information
  • Chapter Nine - A Brief History of Voting Machines and Certifications
    • Putting the History in Context
    • Certifications Are Less Than Useless
  • Afterward

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