Never Enough Ice… by Malcolm Maclean [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Never Enough Ice Cream
Never Enough Ice Cream
Never Enough Ice Cream

Last updated on 2017-05-18

About the Book

That's right. You can never have enough ice cream!

For a couple of years I toyed with different ice cream recipes. I had an ice cream maker that spent most of its life unloved in the freezer. There was a lot of will to make good ice cream, but not much success.

But those days are gone!

What's here?

Presented in this book is a set of simple ice cream recipes that are easy to make and produce a great result.

You don't need an ice cream machine and the ingredients are common.

Best of all you can use the information in the book as your inspiration to create your own ice cream masterpieces that are tailored just for you!

The book is written so that each recipe is on a single page. This is so that you can set up your tablet or print out a single piece of paper and you're good to go.

The book is free right?

Yep. Sure is. I have also put a suggested price of 99 cents so that if you want to donate to continued development that would be awesome (that's way less than an ice cream from the corner store). Does that mean that you'd be paying me to make and eat more ice cream? Err.... Well.... I'm hoping my doctor doesn't come to Leanpub.

The awesome that is Leanpub.

I've tried to pitch the book so that if you find something interesting, you can use parts in isolation. I expect there to be additions and corrections to the content over time, so I'm hoping that publishing using Leanpub will allow readers to get easy notification of when updates and improvements are made.


So I hope you get something out of the book, please excuse the sometimes light-hearted conversational manner in which I've approached the topic and enjoy ice cream!

About the Author

Malcolm Maclean
Malcolm Maclean

I have a passion for knowledge and I realize that part of the responsibility of gathering knowledge is being able to advance the state of the human condition in some way. Yes, ice cream is one of those ways.

My aims in writing this book were to play with ice cream flavors, document the recipes I'm using and to eat a lot of ice cream (achievement unlocked).

I don't have a formal culinary background but I know what good ice cream tastes like and I bet you do as well.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter (@d3noob), I find it a great service to get alerted to what's going on.

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