Leaflet Tips and… by Malcolm Maclean [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Leaflet Tips and Tricks
Leaflet Tips and Tricks
Leaflet Tips and Tricks

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Last updated on 2014-12-21

About the Book

Leaflet Tips and Tricks is under heavy development.

Leaflet Tips and Tricks, is in it's early stages (still only 160 pages or so) but the framework is in place and a good level of starting information is available.

leaflet.js can help you make the interactive maps YOU want.

Laeflet Tips and Tricks is a book written to help those who may be unfamiliar with JavaScript or web page creation get started bringing their map vision to the World.

Maps and geographic information is the new medium of choice for presenting compelling information and providing location context on the Internet and leaflet.js is an extraordinary library for presentation of maps on a web page.

Is this book for you?

It's not written for experts. It's put together as a guide to get you started if you're unsure what leaflet.js can do. It reads more like a story as it leads the reader through the basics of a simple map with advice on getting started and the sort of things that will help you expand your knowledge. It is very much the start of a book. Hopefully over the course of a year or so I will expand its content to highlight its awesomeness more.

Why was Leaflet Tips and Tricks written?

Because in the process of learning things, it's a great way to remember them if you write them down :-).

As a result, learning how to do cool stuff with maps and Leaflet meant that I accumulated a sizeable number ways to help me out when the going got tricky. Then I realised that these could be useful for others who were trying out leaflet.js and who were at a similar knowledge level.

So here we are! A collection of tips and tricks for leaflet.js written by a noob for people who might consider that they're in the same situation :-).

What's in the book?

I've captured the appropriate code (in cool looking coloured text) and added in illustrations of what's going on so that you will get more traction at the start of your learning process than I did.

The awesome that is Open Source.

Please consider this an opportunity for you to contribute back to the Open Source community that makes products like leaflet.js possible. If you find something that can be improved about the book or think there's something that can be added, just let me know!

The book has a lot of information in it, but there's still more to come. Currently (at time writing) it counts up to only about 30 pages, so it's still a short read but I've tried to pitch it in sections so that if you find something interesting, you can read parts in isolation. I have a long list of additional material that I want to add, so I'm hoping that publishing using Leanpub will allow readers to get easy notification of when updates and improvements are made.

Download the whole book just to try it out!

I'm making the book available for free because I think it's a great way to give something back to the community as a whole, but if you find some value in the book, please consider contributing 99 cents when you download it so that Leanpub get something for hosting the book and providing such an awesome service (50 cents is their flat cut of any book sales and 99 cents is the minimum (apart from $0) that they will allow for a sale).

(Don't be put off by the button at the top saying 'Buy the ebook now'. Once you click on it, you can select any price you want including $0!)


So I hope you get something out of the book, please excuse the sometimes light-hearted conversational manner in which I approach the topic and enjoy D3!

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About the Author

Malcolm Maclean
Malcolm Maclean

I'm a person who has a passion for knowledge and I realise that part of the responsibility of gathering knowledge is being able to advance the state of the human condition in some way.

My aims using Leaflet and in writing this book were to build on the previous success of writing D3 Tips and Tricks, play with software and try something new for fun. It also helps that I think maps and the visual representation of data rock in serious ways.

I don't have a formal coding background and I didn't learn JavaScript in a structured way. I learnt a little bit of JavaScript as a result of using d3.js, so the way I explain things is focussed on trying to impart that understanding in a simple but functional way.

I'm totally in awe of the Open Source community that has made this type of work possible, which is why you can download Leaflet Tips and Tricks for free.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter (@d3noob), I find it a great service to get alerted to what's going on with Leaflet and D3.

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