Learning CFEngine
Learning CFEngine
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Learning CFEngine

Last updated on 2018-11-02

About the Book

Get up to speed on CFEngine, the open source configuration management software that enables you to automate everything from one-server shops to enterprise computer networks. This hands-on introduction shows you how to use CFEngine to implement and manage and your IT infrastructure in a sustainable, scalable, and efficient manner.

The book covers CFEngine 3.12 LTS.

About the Author

Diego Zamboni
Diego Zamboni

I am a computer scientist, consultant, programmer, sysadmin, author and overall geek, now turned project leader and engineering team manager. I am from Mexico but live in Switzerland with my awesome wife and our two beautiful daughters.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword to the first edition
  • Preface
    • Who Is This Book For?
    • Overview of the Book
    • Online Resources
    • Conventions Used in This Book
    • Using Code Examples
    • How to Contact Me
    • Content Updates
    • Acknowledgments
  • 1. Introduction
    • How to Achieve Automation
    • A Brief History of CFEngine
    • Versions of CFEngine
  • 2. Getting Started with CFEngine
    • Installing CFEngine
    • Finishing the Installation and Bootstrapping
    • Auxiliary Files
    • Your First CFEngine Policy
  • 3. CFEngine Basics
    • Basic Principles
    • CFEngine Components
    • A First Example
    • The CFEngine Policy Language
    • Clients and Servers
    • CFEngine Information Resources
  • 4. Using CFEngine
    • Initial System Configuration
    • User Management
    • Package Management
    • Using CFEngine for Security
    • Additional CFEngine Features and Information
  • 5. CFEngine Tips, Tricks, and Patterns
    • Hierarchical Copying
    • Passing Name-Value Pairs to Bundles
    • Setting Default Values for Bundle Parameters
    • Using Classes as Configuration Mechanisms
    • Generic Tasks Using Lists and Array Indices
    • Defining Classes for Groups of Hosts
    • Controlling Promise Execution Order
    • Dynamic Loading and Execution
  • 6. Advanced Topics
    • Setting Up Multiple CFEngine Environments
    • CFEngine Testing
    • Using Vagrant with CFEngine
    • Service Management Using CFEngine
    • Where to from Here?
  • Appendix A: Editing CFEngine 3 Configurations in Emacs
    • Setting Up
    • Using the cfengine Mode
    • Customizing Indentation in cfengine-mode
  • Appendix B: Editing CFEngine 3 Configurations in Vim
    • Setting Up
    • Getting Help
    • Using the Plugin
    • Hacking the vim_cf3 Plugin
    • Installing vim_cf3 Using CFEngine
  • Notes

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