Kubernetes Patterns
Kubernetes Patterns


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Kubernetes Patterns

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Last updated on 2018-12-28

About the Book

Kubernetes has an extensive documentation, great tutorials, free courses, and many good books. At the end, the only way to really learn Kunernetes is to sit down and start playing with it.

This book is not a step-by-step guide for learning Kubernetes from scratch. Instead, it is a series of high-level use cases demonstrating different patterns used for creating and running Cloud Native applications on Kubernetes. Driven by real-world experiences, this book consolidates the most commonly used and useful patterns and principles for developers. For each pattern, there is a problem description with a context, a proposed solution and Kubernetes specifics, plus tips around the implementation.

It is aimed for Developers rather than Sysadmins, and assumes that the reader is already familiar with Kubernetes concepts. I believe you will find this short and focused book useful.

About the Editors

Bilgin Ibryam
Bilgin Ibryam

Bilgin Ibryam is middleware consultant at Red Hat working with Fabric8 full time. He is also Apache Camel committer and the author of "Instant Apache Camel Message Routing" book. He is interested in a variety of technologies including application integration, message-oriented middleware, service-oriented architecture, and ERP systems. He is also an open source enthusiast, Apache OFBiz, and Apache Camelcommitter. In his spare time, he enjoys contributing to open source projects and bloggingat www.ofbizian.com.

Roland Huß
Roland Huß

Roland Huss is a principal software engineer at Red Hat working in the JBoss Fuse team to bring EAI to OpenShift and Kubernetes. He has been developing in Java for twenty years now but never forgot his roots as system administrator. Roland is an active open source contributor, lead developer of the JMX-HTTP bridge Jolokia and the popular fabric8io/docker-maven-plugin. Beside coding he likes to spread the word on conferences and writing. And yes, he loves chilli pepper.

Table of Contents

    • Introduction
    • About the Authors
    • Technical Reviewers
  • I Foundational Patterns
    • 1. Distributed Primitives
    • 2. Predictable Demands
    • 3. Dynamic Placement
    • 4. Declarative Deployment
    • 5. Observable Interior
    • 6. Life Cycle Conformance
  • II Behavioral Patterns
    • 7. Batch Job
    • 8. Scheduled Job
    • 9. Daemon Service
    • 10. Singleton Service
    • 11. Self Awareness
  • III Structural Patterns
    • 12. Sidecar
    • 13. Initializer
    • 14. Ambassador
    • 15. Adapter
  • IV Configuration Patterns
    • 16. EnvVar Configuration
    • 17. Configuration Resource
    • 18. Configuration Template
    • 19. Immutable Configuration
  • V Advanced Patterns
    • Patterns List
  • Notes

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