Mr. D and the JoyGasm Queen
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Mr. D and the JoyGasm Queen

A Recovery Memoir to Choose Your Own Adventure from Trauma to Trust

About the Book

If you've ever loved and lost, you know that in the aftermath of a broken heart, nothing seems worthwhile. 

This book is a vulnerable, raw exploration of the 21st Century shadow of "failed nuclear family" and takes you on a journey to heal your own heart, brain, and body from the pain of feeling alone in a world that doesn't seem to care. 

Elena offers "what actually worked" to heal from the inside out all while travelling the world as a single mom-preneur.  

This Book Will Rock Your Beliefs About:

  • Healing from Depression, with no pills, no psychiatrists, no bullshit.  Simple techniques that even your depressed and lethargic self can use to create joy, power, and purpose in a life that seems hopeless, dark, and like a never-ending groundhog day of suffering. 
  • Maximizing the Pleasure your body is able to feel. You'll gain handle of the volume knob for the intensity of your emotions, let go of the pain with simple tricks, and and create more of the emotions that bring on huge pleasure and magical coincidences. 
  • Tips, Tricks & Tools to shut your brain the f*ck up. Turn pain into joy, heartbreak into opportunity, and stress into a source of power. Discover your true purpose, how to speak from that truth, heal relationships and create healthy boundaries with people who used to walk all over you. 
  • Creating Your Dream Future means you need to claim your power back in life, master your emotions, and then live your JoyGasm.  
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About the Author

Elena Harder
Elena Harder

Elena Harder’s mission is to bring more JoyGasm to the world!

She is the founder of this modern (smartphone inclusive) path for the modern spiritual warrior to create a life of immense joy and embodied bliss. The JoyGasmic Path brings together the best wisdom from modern science, neuroplasticity, positive psychology, mindfulness, with the ancient spiritual practices of Chi Gong, Tantra, cuddling, singing, dancing, imagination and play.

After years of suffering through postpartum depression, self-sabotage, overworking, people pleasing, and a nasty relationship with an abusive alcoholic Elena created the JoyGasm Core Practices from to heal her heart, soul and brain from the experience. Since then she’s helped hundreds of others create a relationship with their JoyGasmic Self to heal broken hearts, remove negative self-talk, eliminate stress, fear, depression, and bring immense joy into daily life.

Her current personal records for longest standing greeting hug is 22 minutes, longest continuous solo laugh 26 minutes, and longest collaborative laugh at 1 hour 45 minutes!

Table of Contents

  • Welcome dear…
  • A word about Typos and this Book
  • Acknowledgments
  • When we claim our power back, we are uncontrollable.
  • She was drunk last night
  • Drunk to oblivion and worse
  • Ugg... I move the blankets off my head.
  • One night out, sitting at my usual spot between the bar and the dart table I see him.
  • The effects of oxytocin on a human deprived system.
  • The journey to recovery
  • Honey it's not supposed to burn
  • It’s 3am and we’ve just hopped out of a cab.
  • He’s hot. But is that enough?
  • Dance around the subject for a bit
  • Ask him for support
  • Keep crying and blame him for everything.
  • Let’s Try Makeup Sex
  • Leaving the old lover behind
  • The mother of all hangovers
  • Instead we move in together.
  • I dreamed it would be fun to go to Mexico and work on an organic farm.
  • I've been invited to a full moon party
  • Tied together by fate
  • The Last Straw
  • Your worst thing that ever happened to you…
  • My stomach feels really, really weird.
  • Fool me Twice, Shame on Me. 
  • My son’s first birthday
  • Preparing to be re-born
  • What happened to you?
  • Falling in love with a baby and a disaster too
  • Fucked with a Baby
  • Practicing Gratitude
  • We are perfect for each other, except for…
  • We didn’t know how to communicate
  • Riding the Horsemen of the Apocalypse Home
  • My son's second birthday
  • Hitting rock bottom
  • How to know it's really done
  • Dreading intimacy is a big red flag
  • He never even knows it could have been his
  • He Never Hit Me, but that doesn’t matter
  • Seeing the woman I could have become
  • There are some things you just can’t fix
  • The Sad Reality of Recovery
  • Accepting my reality as single mom
  • The convent of self-loathing
  • The First Forgiveness Joygasm
  • “Forgive them, they know not what they do.”
  • You can get used to anything
  • Kissing me while I do the dishes
  • The boy who saved my life
  • Making the decision to be better
  • The Music washes My Mind Clear
  • Spring Lightly Into Those Loving Arms
  • I Love you’s and Sex
  • Dreaming Up Mr. Right
  • Reality Check
  • Joygasmic States of Self Pleasure are Real
  • Taken by a God to be his Goddess
  • Vagina: A New Biography
  • How did we get here?
  • You are a brave woman.** **
  • I’m sorry,
  • But The Sex Could Have Been So Much Worse
  • Shit I wish had never happened.
  • The Biggest Taboo of All
  • Fill their need. Be the healer. Fulfill my destiny and…(let's be honest,) make some wicked cash, that I really need.
  • I say yes.
  • It doesn't matter how small a thing it was. What matters is how you feel about it.
  • The breaking point
  • Just say no.
  • The rape in these walls
  • The loving arms I needed…
  • I stand there, waiting to choose. What do I do?
  • Pain and Pleasure in Suffering
  • A mother’s unconditional forgiveness
  • “A dealbreaker”
  • Cleaning Up the Shards of Past Silence
  • The Wise Woman Holds Your Healing
  • Healing Your Most Shameful Secret
  • **Your Minimum Standards Matter **there are things you should never put up with.
  • First time here?
  • Shaping the vision of what we want.
  • Cleaning up the Shards of Past Silence #2
  • Going on a weird first date
  • Breaking Character
  • Yet it’s so hard to be ready and available for him
  • I’m SO Not Ready
  • I’m in a relationship and he’s almost right?
  • Ask yourself seriously…Is he the kind of guy you should stay with?
  • A plan to leave is easier said than done.
  • I’ll just must admit it…
  • I know I’ll leave; the only question really is… How long will it take me to actually do it?
  • A little space creates a lot of clarity
  • Decision Quadrangle
  • Conscious Relationship Transition
  • Conscious relationship transition roadmap
  • I'm over it... but what if he…
  • A poem to lost lovers
  • An Even Better Mr. D
  • Creating a Relationship Contract
  • Conscious Relationship Contract
  • The Pain of Disconnection from Sexual Vibrancy
  • Making My Own Escape Plans
  • Getting 100% Clear
  • What’s not working or didn’t work?
  • What IS working?
  • Do the work until you get the results you want.
  • Difficult Conversations Made Easier
  • Is it really better with him?
  • The Flowers of Dissent
  • The man she wants is different…
  • Making the decision to find better
  • The peaceful goodbye of lovers who still love
  • I wonder... is it really better with Mr. D
  • Dear Beloved,
  • So this is Bali.
  • If you really wanted to be dating, you would be.
  • Now I can see the limiting beliefs that hold me back from creating him.
  • How I Really Want to be Fucked
  • The Most Important Question, Who is Mr. Right?
  • Soulmates and Twin Flames
  • What We Really NEED in Relationship
  • A Creature of Consciousness Seeking Love
  • Feminine Self Pleasure for Manifestation
  • Why I really want a Husband
  • Weighing the Probabilities of Success
  • The Undeniable Yes List
  • Today is the Day!
  • But Am I Worthy Enough?
  • Do a Husbands' Imperfections Really Matter?
  • Creating a Circle of Commitment
  • Making Reasonable Commitments in Phases
  • Getting the Green Light
  • From Hoping to Knowing
  • Co-Creating the Next Chapter
  • They are Perfect for Each Other
  • Whatever you do, don’t go back to your ex!
  • So can you talk to him about it?
  • Sticking to the Decision to Let it Work Out Well
  • Checking in is Crucial
  • Committing to Getting What I Really Want
  • Work on what has been spoiled
  • What I Need to Relax and Enjoy Intimacy
  • My Ideal Flow of Intimacy Looks Like…
  • Riding the River and Rapids
  • Consent Does Matter
  • He Might Not Actually Know There is a Problem
  • Healing Unexpected Ejaculation
  • Dear __________________,
  • If you are being handed this book consider yourself a very lucky man.
  • Make a Commitment to Do the Work Together
  • She Remembers
  • It Happens Again and Again
  • I Can’t Stop Thinking About My Ex
  • 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Just Do it!
  • How to Frame a Memory
  • Follow the Script to Heal Your Pain
  • Transmuting Emotions for Permanent Change
  • The Importance of Fast Forgiveness
  • Clearing the Air of Frigid Silence
  • Wet and Willing
  • Penetrate Me NOW Lover!
  • Am I Wet Enough?
  • Fuck Ouch!
  • Say Something Audible
  • I say nothing…
  • Pause and Check In
  • A Fickle Feisty Vagina
  • Ask to go to sleep
  • Gentle Stop!
  • Consciously Reframe the Experience
  • Responding with Compassion and Attention
  • Exploring Love That Is Kind
  • Slow down and be with him
  • I keep twerking my hips deeply into him
  • Say Something!
  • Stewing in Resentment
  • Finding The Courage to Ask
  • Feeling Confident In Self Pleasure
  • I am not a sexual failure
  • All of Your Creations Happen Here
  • The Romance Inventory
  • Keeping The Mirror Clean
  • The Magic Ratio Lives Here
  • For Her to Fill Out
  • For Him to Fill Out
  • So if you WERE Looking For a New Partner…
  • Re-Creating Ourselves Consciously
  • Dreaming What You Really Want
  • Coming Clean About Cleaning
  • Chore Play
  • An Even Better Mr. Right
  • An Even Better Mrs. Right
  • Transition to True Self Respect
  • Creating Space for Life Changing Orgasms
  • The Best Sex You’ve Ever Had
  • Asking for What You Really, Really Want
  • Essential Yoni Healing So You Can Cum Like A Fucking Goddess Every Night
  • With a wild ferocity of desire I look at him. “I want you in me.”
  • It’s okay to Go Slow
  • Your Reality Reflects Your Expectations
  • The Journey of Receiving
  • Hacking the Brain for Deepening Pleasure
  • What else is possible?
  • Say this to make her panties wet
  • Learning to Truly Receive after Abuse
  • Embracing Self Pleasure Near My Lover
  • Climaxing Together
  • Creating Life Together
  • Pregnant & Glowing Winter 2021 ](images/docx/media/image2.jpg){alt=”” width=”3.1718755468066493in” height=”3.8527482502187227in”}
  • I am here to walk with you on this journey.

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