Jasmine Testing for JavaScript

A Cloak & Dagger Guide

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About the Book

Are you writing complex JavaScript applications and struggling to keep them bug free? Once you've found one bug, do you know how to keep it from reemerging in the future?

This book will take you deep into the dangerous and secretive world of JavaScript testing using the Jasmine framework. As a new employee at MI7.5 you will be tasked with solving critical problems and keeping the free world safe, one spec at a time.

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Table of Contents

  • A Note About The Book
  • Preface
    • The Universal Language
    • Testing in JavaScript
    • Jasmine
    • How to Use This Book
    • Technical Requirements
  • Getting Started
    • Welcome to MI7.5
    • The Development Process
    • Getting Started with Jasmine
  • Your First Assignment
    • Meeting the Code Length Requirement
    • A Brief Detour on Terminology
    • Meeting the Digit Requirement
    • Meeting the Minimum Different Characters Requirement
  • Appendix A: Matchers Index
    • toBe
    • toBeCloseTo
    • toBeDefined
    • toBeFalsy
    • toBeGreaterThan
    • toBeLessThan
    • toBeNull
    • toBeTruthy
    • toBeUndefined
    • toContain
    • toEqual
    • toHaveBeenCalled
    • toHaveBeenCalledWith
    • toMatch
    • toThrow
    • not
  • Appendix B: Jasmine in the Terminal
    • The Benefits
    • What you’ll need
    • Setting up the dependencies
    • Configuring Grunt
    • Running the specs

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