Seven Biblical Principles that… by Phil Kayser [PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Seven Biblical Principles that Call for Infant Baptism
Seven Biblical Principles that Call for Infant Baptism
Seven Biblical Principles that Call for Infant Baptism

Last updated on 2018-02-15

About the Book

This book covers 7 principles:

1. The Old Testament says a lot about baptism

2. Our children have always been in the covenant

3. Faith and repentance have the same importance now that they had with Abraham and the sign of circumcision

4. To deny infant baptism is to deny the “everlasting” character of one of three “everlasting signs” given in the Old Testament

5. Baptism is the New Testament counterpart to circumcision

6. God treats the children of believers differently from the world

7. New Testament passages which include children in the rite of baptism

And includes 3 baptismal homilies that cover the basics of infant baptism.

About the Author

Phil Kayser
Phil Kayser

Phillip Kayser has degrees in education, theology, and philosophy. Ordained in 1987, he currently serves as Senior Pastor of Dominion Covenant Church, a Presbyterian (CPC) church in Omaha, Nebraska. He also serves as Professor of Ethics at Whitefield Theological Seminary and President of the Providential History Festival.

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