Hello Web App: Intermediate Concepts (Add the Custom Designed PDF)


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Hello Web App: Intermediate Concepts

Add in the components you need to build a successful and profitable web app.

About the Book

Hello Web App was released in May 2015, dedicated to introducing new programmers and front-end developers to the joys of web app development. In 144 pages, readers were taken from ideation to deployment, getting them on the path of successful web app development.

Hello Web App: Intermediate Concepts follows up on Hello Web App and helps readers add more difficult web app features, such as:

  • Working with custom forms.
  • Integrating payments (using Stripe).
  • Adding an API.
  • Setting up Sass and Bootstrap for more efficient front-end development.
  • Adding user-uploaded images.
  • And more!

Hello Web App: IC also covers more intermediate programming theory, such as:

  • Databases, schema design, and queries.
  • Class-based views.
  • The importance of reading source code.

Take your web app skills to the next level with this book.

About the Author

Tracy Osborn
Tracy Osborn

Tracy Osborn is a designer, developer, and entrepreneur. In 2010, she taught herself Python and Django in order to launch her startup, WeddingLovely. Frustrated by existing tutorials that assumed previous programming knowledge, Hello Web App is what she wished existed when she was learning.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • Prerequisites
    • Our discussion forum
  • Creating a Contact Form and Working with Custom Forms
    • Set up the URL
    • Set up the view
    • Set up the form
    • Create the template
    • Set up your local email server
    • Add the email logic
    • Create a template for your email
    • Improve the form (optional)
    • Set up our live email server (optional)
    • Things that could be improved
    • Your contact form is complete!
  • Adding a New Model and Working With Multiple Models
    • Proper schema design: multiple tables can be better than just one big table
    • How to add a new model to your app
    • Add to your admin
    • Access the new view from your views
  • Adding Easy Admin Emails, Helpers, Sitemaps, and More
    • Adding an admin email shortcut to your views
    • Adding created and last-modified dates using an abstract model
    • Helper functions on your model
    • Adding sitemaps
    • A bit about class-based views and Django’s generic views
  • Adding User-Uploaded Images
    • Adding a model for images
    • Showing the image in the templates
    • Adding the Upload model to your admin page
    • Setting up the template to display images
    • Uploading files in the templates
  • Editing and Resizing Images
    • Installation reminder
    • Testing out resizing, adding filters, and saving your images
    • Updating your model’s save method to resize images
  • Setting Up Django Messages for Alerts
    • Add the messages block to your base template
    • Sending over messages from the view
    • Other message types
  • Front-End Fun: Adding Gulp, Sass, and Bootstrap
    • More about the tools we’re installing
    • Installation
    • Conclusion and further exploration
  • Reading Source Code And Setting Up a Form to Edit User Email Addresses
    • Setting up the form
    • Setting up the view and the template
  • Adding Payments with Stripe
    • Quick note about HTTPS and securing your app
    • Setting up Stripe
    • A note about test and live keys
    • Add your test keys to your settings
    • Determining the payment flow
    • Set up your templates
    • Create the URL and the view
    • Add a plan to Stripe
    • Update your view to subscribe the customer to a plan
    • Setting up error catching
    • Add a flag to your model to indicate “upgraded” objects
    • All the additional ways to improve the payment functionality on your app
    • Additional resources and information
    • Congrats, you’ve added payments to your app!
  • Adding an API
    • The essence of an API
    • Installing Django REST Framework
    • Setting up a very simple API
    • Just the tip of the iceberg
  • Working with Sessions
    • What are sessions?
    • Saving, accessing, and removing session data in the view
    • Some caveats
  • Creating Your Own Scripts and a Bit About Cron Jobs
    • Creating a script
    • Setting up scheduling to run the script automatically
    • A note about normal scripts, not Django management commands
  • Database Pitfalls
    • Getting information about your queries with the Django Debug Toolbar
    • Optimizing queries
    • Other optimization methods
  • Additional Information and Resources
    • Different versions and updates — what should I do?
    • Other resources
    • Keep in touch with Hello Web App!
  • Special Thanks
    • Super thanks to Hello Web App’s sponsors
    • Book reviewers, editors, and testers
    • Kickstarter backers
  • References
  • Friendly Note
  • About the Author

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