Hello Web App (Add the Custom Designed PDF)
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Hello Web App

Learn how to build a web app using Django and Python! Updated for Django 3.2.

About the Book

Learn how to code web apps and get on the path to building your next side project, your lifestyle business, or your startup.

Updated for Django 3.2.

Hello Web App is written for non-programmers by a designer, and will walk you through every step you need before launching your web app live to real customers. No jargon, simple and friendly language, using the Python programming language and the Django framework. 

This book doesn't walk you through a specific tutorial, but instead uses a generic example (a "collection of things") to allow you to create something that interests you. A blog is a collection of posts, a store is a collection of products, a directory is a collection of people. The possibilities are endless.

Learn by doing—creating a project unique to you while teaching yourself how to build a web app. 

What you'll learn

Part 1

How to build a web app with Django

Django is the easiest way to launch a web app with users, registration, and dynamic objects.

How to use the Django admin

The best part about Django! Learn how to view and update your database using the Django admin.

Adding user registration

Allow folks to sign up for your web app! Learn how to add registration and login pages.

How to add payments with Stripe

Want to start generating revenue? Learn in this quick-and-easy chapter on adding Stripe.

Launch your web app on Heroku

Get your web app live on the internet for folks to see! Deployment made easy.

Part 2

Add user-uploaded images

Allow your users to upload images for their profiles or products.

Editing and resizing images

Learn how to set up your project to automatically resize or edit images.

Working with sessions

Learn how to store data short-term.

Learn how to work with multiple models

Break out your project into multiple models to store more information.

How to add payments with Stripe

Monetize your site and add payments or subscriptions to your accounts.

Adding Gulp, Sass, and other front-end technology

Learn how to integrate front-end tools and Node into your Django web app.

Adding an API

Add an API to your web app so your data can be accessed and used by other apps.

And more!

About the Author

Tracy Osborn
Tracy Osborn

Tracy Osborn is a designer, developer, and entrepreneur. In 2010, she taught herself Python and Django in order to launch her startup, WeddingLovely. Frustrated by existing tutorials that assumed previous programming knowledge, Hello Web App is what she wished existed when she was learning.


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    The Custom Designed PDF

    The custom designed Hello Web App PDF — the same design that is in the printed paperback.

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Complete Hello Web App Package

The entire Hello Web App collection — Leanpub PDF, .mobi, and .ePub files, custom designed PDF, and 15 instructional screencasts to walk you through Hello Web App.


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    The Custom Designed PDF

    The custom designed Hello Web App PDF — the same design that is in the printed paperback.

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    Instructional videos

    15 instructional videos and screencasts including: How to use Git, using the command line, a walkthrough of real life web app code, a walkthrough of creating a unique website feature, and 11 videos covering every chapter of the book.

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  • EPUB

  • WEB

  • English

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • What We’re Building
    • MVP: Minimum Viable Product
  • Prerequisites
    • HTML and CSS
    • Python (just a bit)
    • Suggestion: A Linux or Mac computer
  • Getting Started
  • Setting Up Your Templates
    • Adding a URL to urls.py
    • Creating your first view
    • Adding static files
  • Fun With Template Tags
    • Building complex templates with inheritance
    • Adding a few other static pages
    • Passing in variables and template tags
  • Adding Dynamic Data
    • Your local database
    • Setting up your model
    • Finishing setting up your database with migrations
    • Using the Django admin
  • Displaying Dynamic Information in the Templates
    • Querying for info from the database
    • Retrieving and filtering information with QuerySets
  • Setting Up Individual Object Pages
    • Adding the new pages to our URL definitions
    • Create the view
    • Setting up the template
  • Forms.py Funsies
    • Update your urls.py
    • And then add your view…
    • Create your forms.py file
  • Adding a Registration Page
    • Installing our first third party plugin for registration
    • Setting up password reset functionality
  • Associating Users with Objects
    • Changing our model so Users can own a Thing
    • Updating your registration flow
  • Setting Up Basic Browse Pages
    • Set up your URL routing
    • Set up the view
    • Create the template
    • Updating your nav and setting up redirects
  • Quick Hits: 404 Pages, requirements.txt, and Testing
    • Setting up 404 and 500 error pages
    • Setting up a requirements.txt
    • Setting up your first tests
  • Deploying Your Web App
  • Setting up Heroku
    • Installing a few extra packages
    • Creating your Procfile
    • Setting up your static files for production
    • Creating your app on Heroku
    • Setting up your production database
  • What To Do If Your App Is Broken
    • Error pages usually help you find the problem
    • Googling the error usually comes up with helpful answers
    • Ask for help
  • Important Things to Know
    • Code style
    • Documentation
    • Security
    • Using the Django Shell
  • Moving Forward
    • Keep building your app
    • Great books and additional reading
    • Additional tutorials and resources
    • Free online classes
    • In-person programming schools and development courses
    • Stay in touch with Hello Web App
  • References
  • Friendly Note
  • About the Author

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