The Essence of TameFlow
The Essence of TameFlow
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The Essence of TameFlow

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About the Book

This book will introduce you to the fundamental ideas of the TameFlow approach.

TameFlow is designed to bring about breakthrough organizational performance innovation; not single digit percentages but 2, 5, 10 times or even more. TameFlow aims at moving an organization from ordinary and average performance levels to outstanding performance. TameFlow is based on a few important ideas.

TameFlow builds on three transformative social forces:

  • Inspired Leadership
  • Unity of Purpose
  • Community of Trust

In TameFlow, each organization is considered as a social body of individuals that communicate and interact to make decisions and act upon them. TameFlow is a praxis driven holistic system of performance improvement based on reference models of thinking and decision making. The aim of TameFlow is to allow anybody, at any level of an organization, to exercise judgement about how to decide and act in their current situation.

It all starts with the organization’s leader who, inspired by some higher purpose, defines the organization’s goal. The leader needs to architect the social structure of the organization on order to develop a community of trust and unity of purpose around the goal. The development of the community of trust and the unity of purpose is achieved by working with the four flows: operational flow, financial flow, informational flow and psychological flow.

At first the four flows need to be aligned so that any conflicts and partial interests are removed from the organization. Then the throughput of all four flows is increased.

The removal of conflicts and partial interests are achieved through delegation of decision making. In this effort, the inspired leader and the entire organization adopt mental models, through which coherent, consistent and non-conflicting decisions can be made. Thereby the quality and speed of decision making and their execution will increase, dramaticaly building up the overall level of organizational performance.

About the Author

Steve Tendon
Steve Tendon

I am a senior, multilingual, executive management consultant, experienced at leading and directing multi-­national and distributed knowledge-­work organizations. Expert in organizational performance transformation programs. Adviser, consultant, coach, mentor, speaker and author, specializing in organizational performance, organizational design, process excellence and process innovation. I help businesses create high-performance organizations and teams.

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About the Contributors

Devin More
Devin More
Cover Image: "Fractal Phlegyas on the River Styx" ©2008, Devin Moore -

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • The Essence of TameFlow
  • Performance
    • What about Performance?
    • Is Breakthrough Performance Innovation Possible at All?
    • Superior Performance as Deliberate Strategy
    • Performance in Knowledge Work
  • What TameFlow is NOT!
  • Decision Making
    • Delegation of Decision Making in Knowledge-Work
    • Praxis-Driven Decision Making
  • Three Transformative Social Forces
    • Inspired Leadership
    • Goal
    • Unity of Purpose
    • Community of Trust
  • Four Flows
    • The Four Flows
    • Flows Convergence
    • The Major Obstacle
    • Sensing the Possibility
    • Making the Community of Trust Tangible
    • Creating Unity of Purpose
    • Flow Synergies
    • Fredric Laloux’s model of organizational development
  • Some Significant Reference Models of Thinking
  • Epilogue
  • Further Reading
    • Hyper-Productive Knowledge-Work Performance
    • TameFlow Chronicles 2011-2015
    • TameFlow Patterns: How to Design Organizations that Flow
  • Help with TameFlow

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TameFlow Press (a unit of TameFlow Consulting Limited/ChainStrategies) will bring you the most current information and cutting edge ideas about the TameFlow approach and about how you can develop your own breakthrough innovation in your organization's performance.

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