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TameFlow Patterns

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Last updated on 2016-02-18

About the Book

Creating high performing organizations is a challange for any business owner or executive manager. There are no recipes that can be given. Yet there is a structured way to think about how you can create an organization that flows. An organization that flows is one that performs at its best as a system, and yet is still capable of learning and continuing to improve.

Patterns have been used in many fields, but they are relatively unknown for organizational design. Yet, stemming from the field of Architecture, they are most useful both for describing and for designing organizations and even their operational practices. In this book we will explore how to use patterns not only to design organizations, but in particular to design high-performing organizations.

About the Author

Steve Tendon
Steve Tendon

I am a senior, multilingual, executive management consultant, experienced at leading and directing multi­national and distributed knowledge­work organizations. Expert in organizational performance transformation programs. Adviser, consultant, coach, mentor, speaker and author, specializing in organizational productivity, organizational design, process excellence and process innovation. I help businesses create high-performance organizations and teams.

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TameFlow Patterns
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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • 1. Patterns and Pattern Languages
    • What Patterns are Not
    • Alexandrian Patterns
    • Patterns are a Form of Knowledge
    • The Connection between Organizational Patterns for Software Development and Organizational Design
    • How Patterns become a Pattern Language
    • The Generative Power of Patterns and Pattern Languages
    • Pattern Language Validation
  • Further Reading
    • Hyper-Productive Knowledge-Work Performance
    • The Essence of TameFlow
    • TameFlow Chronicles 2011-2015
  • Help with TameFlow
  • Publication Log
    • 2016-02-08
    • 2016-02-09
    • 2016-02-10
    • 2016-02-13
    • 2016-02-18

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