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Cronache di Domain-Driven Design

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DDD Open
DDD Open

DDD Open è la community italiana dedicata a Domain-Driven Design. Uno spazio di discussione libero e partecipativo sul DDD aperto a esperti, neofiti, esploratori.

DDD Open ha organizzato il primo evento italiano sul DDD in formato Open Space, completamente da remoto.

Abbiamo voluto creare uno spazio di discussione libero e partecipativo sul tema Domain-Driven Design aperto a esperti, neofiti, esploratori.

Alberto Brandolini
Alberto Brandolini

I am helping teams and companies to develop brilliant solutions to complex problems. Sometimes this involves writing software. Sometimes this involves working with people. I like both ways, especially when it leads me into unexplored territories.

I've been coding since 1982, experimenting since ...forever? This led me into Agile, Domain-Driven Design, Lean, Complexity, Management 3.0 and everything needed in order to solve the problem.

I am a father, a husband, an entrepreneur, a consultant, a developer, a teacher, a public speaker, a cook, a drummer... now it's time to be a writer.

A glimpse of what I am into can be found on my blog, and I've been speaking in quite a few places lately. My presentation track is available here.

I run avanscopertaone of the coolest places on earth to teachlearn and experiment

Francesco Strazzullo
Francesco Strazzullo

I'm a Fullstack developer @ Flowing. I started working professionally in the J2EE ecosystem and, later in my career, I decided to specialize in front-end development. Apart from being a developer, I love to share my thoughts and experiences in blog posts and talks. I participated in conferences around Europe talking about JavaScript, Testing and Agile Methodologies.

I'm one of the founders of the Frameworkless Movement, a group of developers interested in developing applications without frameworks.

I transformed my passion for sharing in a second job, I started to give lessons and workshop. In 2017 I became one of the Avanscoperta's trainers with my workshop "Frameworkless Front-End Development". Two years later, I distilled that workshop in a book with the same title.

I spent these last years between developing software and being a consultant helping development teams in making mindful technical decisions.

I really love comics and videogames, so I spent most of my free time reading or playing games on Playstation. I also love cooking, so during the weekends I relax preparing new dishes for my wife.

Marco Consolaro
Marco Consolaro

Describing himself as a software craftsman, systems thinker, Agile technical coach, entrepreneur, philosopher, restless traveler - all blended with Venetian humor - Marco learned coding in Basic on a Commodore when he was nine years old. He graduated from Venice University in 2001 with a degree in Computer Science.

Since then, Marco has worked in Italy and the UK, always looking to learn something new. When his journey led him to the Agile principles, he quickly realized the effectiveness of such an approach for both technical and organizational areas. He now strongly believes that an iterative approach based on trust, transparency, self-organization and quick feedback loops is the key to success for any team in any discipline.

His dream is to see these principles based on Systems Thinking understood and implemented at every level in businesses and public administrations.

Jacopo Romei
Jacopo Romei

Jacopo Romei si occupa esplicitamente di contratti dal 2011, ma lavorando come freelance o imprenditore nello sviluppo software dal 1998 è stato costretto ad averci a che fare da molto tempo prima.

Nel 2012 distilla il primo extreme contract e negli anni successivi cerca di diffonderne la filosofia, perché è inutile parlare di processo, di metodi, di metodologie e di framework se poi non possiamo fare nient’altro che piegarci ai dettami di un contratto che ci impone le azioni sbagliate e per giunta erodendo parte del valore che potremmo e dovremmo produrre!

Nel 2015, in collaborazione con Avascoperta, Jacopo inizia a tenere regolarmente workshop sulla negoziazione di contratti per il lavoro creativo cui nel 2016 si aggiunge un ulteriore format sulla ricomposizione dei conflitti nei team e tra clienti e fornitori.

Nel 2017 pubblica con approccio incrementale Extreme Contracts su Leanpub. In primis ha bisogno di fare il punto e sistematizzare anni di riflessioni e di dibattiti, ma il vero obiettivo è contribuire alla creazione di un ecosistema professionale e sociale che non sia basato sulla rivendicazione di piccole clausole, ma sul più indispensabile dei valori umani: la fiducia.

Non è nuovo alla scrittura e negli anni passati ha pubblicato altri due libri

Uberto Barbini
Uberto Barbini

Software artisan, Agile enthusiast, Philosopher

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