Making Online Dress-UP Fashion Games (The Course)
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Making Online Dress-UP Fashion Games

A Game Recipe using Phaser v2.x.x & v3.16+ JS Gaming Frameworks.

This course includes 10 attempts.

Discover how to create online Fashion and Dress-up games using this course. When you finish, you will have a production pipeline to create as many different Dress-up Fashions games as your imagination can dream of!

You'll also get bonus download examples, source code, abridged references on how to do every single thing in this course, so you can copy and paste these into your own game design and then modify those resources for your own purposes.

I would like to guide you in creating several styles of Dress-UP game mechanics. We will use the game mechanics, mechanisms and the development methods discussed in Phaser Game Prototypes . By the end of this tutorial, you should have a fully functional Dress-UP game using your own gaming assets. There is a supporting website where you can download the bonus content included with your course purchase.  

This extraordinarily comprehensive course will teach you how to: 

  • Use Phaser 2.x.x and/or v3.16+
  • How to integrate "Dress-Up" game mechanics into other game genres!
  • Use Phaser as a Progressive Web Application, Single Page Web Application or Content Management System (CMS) for any device.
  • Analyze current business demand for this game's genre and where to deploy it.
  • Automatically generate fashions.
  • Printing, saving and create fashion galleries.
  • Instructor Guides and teaching resources available for workshops in this course's special Teacher edition.

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