Become Hardcore Extreme Black Belt PowerShell Ninja Rockstar
Become Hardcore Extreme Black Belt PowerShell Ninja Rockstar
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Become Hardcore Extreme Black Belt PowerShell Ninja Rockstar

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Completed on 2018-09-20

About the Book

Guess what? The "free sample" is exactly the same as the "real" book. So you can grab the sample, and if you like it, still come back and buy the "full" book, because I'm donating all the proceeds from this to The DevOps Collective, Inc.'s scholarship and other nonprofit programs.

This book isn't designed to teach you much about PowerShell. Those books exists. Heck, I've written a bunch. This is the book to tell you how far along you are toward becoming an Uber PowerShell Crafter. It's a book about how to get there, not necessarily what you need to know (although there are plenty of references, so you'll know where to turn if you want). Also, this isn't a serious book. It's meant to be a little fun, a little irreverent, and only a teeny tiny bit useful.

About the Author

Don Jones
Don Jones

Don Jones has been in the IT industry since the mid 1990s, and has been a recipient of Microsoft's "Most Valuable Professional" Award since 2003. He's a co-founder of and The DevOps Collective, and a Curriculum Director for online video training company Pluralsight. Don authored some of the first books ever published for Windows PowerShell, and is the co-author of Learn Windows PowerShell in a Month of Lunches, the bestselling entry-level book for PowerShell. Don's a sought-after speaker at technology conferences like Microsoft Ignite, TechMentor, and many more. You can find him on Twitter @concentratedDon, or on his website, 

Table of Contents

  • About This Book
  • About the Author
  • Feedback
  • Intro
  • Part 1: The Quiz
  • Phase A
  • Phase B
  • Phase C
  • Phase D
  • Part 2: The Journey
  • Let’s Take a Walk
    • Start Here
    • Get Bored
    • Control, Doc, and Test Your Code
    • Get Fancy
  • Keeping a Diary
    • First: Log Your Successes
    • Second: Talk in Money
  • Not Being Selfish
    • Open-Source It
    • Just Answer the Question
    • Write All About It
  • Part 3: Faking It
  • All the Cool Words
    • Dead Puppies
    • Parameter Sets
    • The Pipeline
    • Continuous Integration

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