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Refactoring Tweaks Bundle

Refactoring Tweaks
Refactoring Tweaks - Workbook
The following 2 books are included in this bundle...

About the Bundle

Fine-tune your refactoring skills with the Refactoring Tweaks book and Code Challenges Workbook. Both will help you today in cleaning up your codebase and making it more readable, reusable, and maintainable.

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About the Books

Refactoring Tweaks

Refactoring Tweaks

7+ Easy Wins to Make Your WordPress Code Better & Increase Your Profits
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A gap exists in the practicality of code refactoring.

Do a Google search for the phrase “code refactoring.” Go on and do it right now.  Notice how many resources are available to you about this topic.  Notice how people explain what it is.  Do you understand what they are saying?

There is a gap between the notion of refactoring and the ability to put it into action.  Many people struggle with making the leap from theory to implementation.

Our problem is getting started.

I wrote this book and its code challenge workbook to help you bridge the gap.  You will learn about code refactoring and then I will give you tweaks that you can do right now.  This book will teach you:

  • How to spot a refactoring opportunity.
  • How to think about it.
  • And then how to do it.

I’ll cover the most common opportunities as these are easy wins that you can do right now.

Listen to me. When you do these refactoring tweaks, here is what you get:

  • Your codebase and product(s) will improve. 
  • You will reduce the lifecycle costs.
  • You will be more profitable, as lower costs increase the bottom line.

Let’s start cleaning up your code.

Your Simple, Easy Actionable Plan

In this installment of the Little Green Book, I'll show you the tell-tale signs of refactoring, these indicators that scream "refactor me."  Then you'll get quick, easy, actionable tweaks that you can go do right now to make your codebase better.  These tweaks are easy wins that immediately impact your profitability by increasing quality, reuse, readability, and maintainability of your projects.

Let's get to work and show you a path to advance yourself and business.


This book has a supplemental workbook available too.  The workbook provides you with real coding examples where you can practice and fine-tune your refactoring skills.  The solutions walk you through step-by-step providng insights, tips, thought process, and the how to for refactoring.

You can buy the book and workbook together in this bundle.

Little Green Book series

The Little Green Book series are short, easy to read, and get right to the point. No fluff. Just quick, actionable solutions you can do right now…to increase your profits.

Refactoring Tweaks - Workbook

Refactoring Tweaks - Workbook

Real World WordPress Code Challenges to Fine-Tune Your Refactoring Skills
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You read Refactoring Tweaks.  How do you adapt the refactoring tweaks into your WordPress codebase?  It starts with practice.  First you need to develop the knack for spotting improvement areas. Then you can set out to refactor each one to improve your code.  But that takes practice.

The intent of this workbook is to provide you practice code challenges to help you fine-tune your refactoring skills.  Each challenge is an actual example from a WordPress plugin, theme, or core.  Each one has multiple refactoring opportunities to maximize your time.

How to Do the Exercises

  1. The first step is to review the code challenge.  
  2. Then mark each one of the potential improvement areas.  Refer back to the tweaks in the book if you get stuck.  
  3. Next refactor each of the areas that you identified.
  4. Compare your code to the solutions.


Each code challenge has a detailed solution, which walks you through step-by-step.  The intent is to share the thought process, why, and then the how to for refactoring. I even toss in some master tips and additional information too.

Come on. Let's have some fun.  It's time to fine-tune your refactoring chops.

About the Author

Tonya Mork
Tonya Mork

Hello, I'm Tonya. I'm an engineer (software and electrical) and a developer of web developers and software makers.

I have a knack for breaking down complexity, explaining the why and when of it, and building pathways for technical professionals to grow and excel. It's been the essence of my 30+ year career.

My Background

In the first part of my career, my teams and I engineered high-tech, automated systems for the world's largest manufacturers. My playground was deep into vision-guided robotics, instrumentation, tooling, and global monitoring systems. Here, I grew and honed my engineering, problem-solving, people, and tech leadership skills.

In 2001, I formed an elite consultancy firm, shifting my focus to partner with manufacturers. My team and I integrated into their team to tailor solutions specifically for them. We helped them to grow their teams' capabilities, reduce complexity, fine-tune processes, reduce costs, and increase production. Here, I grew my business, leadership, and customer success skills.

In late 2007, my world changed forever. It’s a gut-wrenching story, one that you can read here.

How about now?  

I’m pouring all of these years of experience into the WordPress Community. I actively teach and mentor WordPress developers and software makers, developing and growing each person's ability to build amazingly elegant, high-quality, and robust custom solutions. I'm giving back to empower each person and team to excel, innovate, and prosper.

Want to know more about me?

Check out my about me page on her personal site and follow her on Twitter.

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