Unleash Unstoppable Teams: The Ultimate Toolkit for Coaches
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Unleash Unstoppable Teams: The Ultimate Toolkit for Coaches

About the Bundle

Empower your teams to thrive, not just survive, with this comprehensive bundle of playbooks.

This collection equips you with the tools to address a wide range of team challenges, from identifying and addressing toxic behavior (Navigating Team Toxins) to building strong foundations (Building Trust & Identity) for new or struggling teams.

Uncover hidden roadblocks (Uncovering Your Team's Limiting Beliefs) that hinder performance and clarify roles and responsibilities (Understand Team Roles) to optimize collaboration.

Finally, it addresses the impact of personal and societal challenges (Healing Through Shared Grief) with a playbook designed to foster resilience and collective healing.

These proven interventions provide step-by-step descriptions for building smart-performing, engaged teams ready to conquer any obstacle and achieve lasting success.

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About the Books

Playbook Healing Through Shared Grief

    • PDF

    The world is grappling with immense challenges like climate crises, global conflicts, and extractive colonialism. On an organizational level, we are experiencing constant movement: departments get reorganized, people leave and enter the company. Moreover, on a personal level, we experience personal loss, sick relatives, burnout, and other mental health issues.

    Instead of feeling overwhelmed and ignoring what is happening, this playbook creates a space for teams and organizations to reflect and share their experience of loss, transition, or grief with others.

    At the heart of this workshop lie the NeuroAffective Relational Model (NARM) and a Liberating Structure in development called Griefwalking. NARM is a developmentally-oriented, neuroscientifically-informed approach for healing complex trauma on a personal and collective level, developed by Dr. Laurence Heller.

    This workshop is ideal for teams and organizations that went through significant transitions or experienced loss. It creates a safe space to share experiences and practice forms of helping that need no immediate action but open up possibilities for a deeper connection.

    Playbook Understanding Team Roles

      • PDF

      Teams evolve over time, and so do their needs. As teams undergo transitions, problems such as role nausea, where members grow weary of stagnant roles, or role confusion, stemming from unclear expectations, may emerge. This playbook addresses these challenges by providing a space to untangle role-related issues, offering tools to navigate transitions, and ultimately fostering a team environment where roles adapt to evolving needs, ensuring sustained effectiveness and cohesion.

      This workshop draws its foundation from Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC), incorporating proven methodologies that delve into the intricate dynamics of team relationships. It guides participants through a structured process of understanding and appreciating Outer Roles, Inner Roles, Secret Roles, and Ghost Roles, emphasizing the interconnectedness of team members.

      This playbook is tailored for teams undergoing transitions, such as those expanding in size or adapting to organizational shifts, where understanding evolving roles is paramount. Teams grappling with issues like role nausea, confusion, or those in need of strategic realignment will find significant value in this workshop. Whether in corporate settings, non-profit organizations, or community groups, any team seeking to enhance collaboration, communication, and overall effectiveness by delving into the intricacies of their inner roles will benefit profoundly from this transformative experience.

      With the steps in this guide, you can run this workshop independently. But if you need help, do not hesitate to contact me at christian@hofstetter-coaching.com or reach out to me on LinkedIn.

      Playbook Uncovering your Team's Limiting Beliefs

        • PDF

        For a team to be successful in today's fast-paced corporate environment, it needs to be able to adapt and adjust constantly. However, despite our best intentions, we often find ourselves entangled in habits obstructing our progress. This playbook offers a structured process to pinpoint and dismantle these barriers, known as "Limiting Beliefs." You will establish a supportive environment for personal and collective growth by guiding your team through this process.

        At the heart of this workshop lies Immunity to Change, a framework developed by Harvard professors Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey. It recognizes that even though we genuinely desire change, deeply ingrained psychological barriers often hinder our progress. These barriers arise from our past experiences, fears, assumptions, and beliefs, which create a protective shield around our familiar ways of thinking and behaving.

        This workshop is ideal for teams facing significant changes, stagnation, conflicts, low morale, or seeking innovation. It's adaptable for new team formations, leadership development, skill enhancement, project kickoffs, and ongoing team development efforts.

        I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to my coach and mentor, Johann Entz-von Zerssen, for introducing this invaluable tool to me during one of our enlightening sessions.

        With the steps in this guide, you can run this workshop independently. But if you need help, do not hesitate to contact me at christian@hofstetter-coaching.com or reach out to me on LinkedIn.

        Playbook Building Trust and Identity

          • PDF

          Trust plays a fundamental and impactful role within teams. It is the cornerstone of effective collaboration, communication, and team performance. This playbook aims to create a space for teams to develop deeper connections and a shared identity, dream up the best version of themselves, understand their impact, and plan a way forward through leveraging concepts from systems coaching, trust-based management, and positive leadership.

          In practice, this workflow is highly effective as a starting point for new teams, teams that go through rough stretches (i.e., early phases of conflict), teams who want to perform better together, or when new members are joining. The flow is adequate for teams on all levels.

          The workshop is based on the concept of Beyond Leadership introduced by Patrick Cowden, which aims to strengthen leadership within network organizations. In their book, Matthias Mölleney and Sybille Sachs have described the concept in great detail.

          With the steps in this guide, you can run this workshop independently. But if you need help, do not hesitate to contact me at christian@hofstetter-coaching.com or reach out to me on LinkedIn.

          Playbook Navigating Team Toxins

            • PDF

            This playbook aims to help teams and organizations identify and address the toxic behaviors and communication patterns that can damage relationships and hinder productivity.

            During the workshop, participants learn about the various types of toxic behavior that can arise in a team setting, such as defensiveness, blaming, contempt, and stonewalling. They also learn strategies for recognizing and addressing these behaviors and techniques for improving communication and building more robust, productive relationships.

            The workshop is designed to help teams and organizations foster a culture of respect, openness, and collaboration and minimize toxic behavior's harmful effects on team dynamics and overall performance. By addressing these issues proactively, teams can improve their ability to work together effectively, communicate clearly, and achieve their goals.

            The concept of "team toxins" is based on the work of Dr. John Gottman, a psychologist, and researcher who has spent decades studying relationships and communication patterns.

            This workshop's inspiration comes from Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC). Barry Overeem helped me to make it even more engaging and impactful using Liberating Structures.

            With the steps in this guide, you can run this workshop independently. But if you need help, do not hesitate to contact me at christian@hofstetter-coaching.com or reach out to me on LinkedIn.

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