Adam On: Projects - Volume 1
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Adam On: Projects - Volume 1

50+ Axioms on the Art and Science of Managing Projects of All Types: Adaptive, Predictive and Organic

About the Book

Unveiling a wealth of practical insights, "Adam On Projects" (or, "Adam's Axioms") is an essential guide for project managers navigating the complex world of software development and systems integration. Drawing from decades of hands-on experience, Adam Russell shares over 101 axioms that distil the core principles of project management into easily digestible, actionable nuggets of wisdom.

This unique collection transcends traditional methodologies, offering universal rules, heuristics, and opinions applicable to every project lifecycle model. While these axioms are born from Adam's personal experience and convictions, they provide invaluable guidance that can be adapted and applied to your own projects.

Designed with real-world challenges in mind, each axiom is keyword tagged and organized into categories like "On Vendors," allowing project managers to access relevant advice when faced with unfamiliar situations quickly. Comprehensive indexes sort axioms by category and tag, ensuring you can effortlessly pinpoint the insights you need to overcome obstacles and achieve project success.

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or an aspiring project manager, "Adam's Axioms" is an indispensable resource that will empower you to tackle projects with confidence, informed by the wisdom of a true industry expert.

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About the Author

Adam Russell
Adam Russell

Adam Russell is a highly experienced digital delivery professional with a deep understanding of delivery success in software development, software package and systems integration projects.

His ability to successfully deliver projects is founded on more than 40 years of experience in the software development industry, starting as a developer, moving into technical support (mostly pre-sales), and finally, project management.

Adam's experience ranges from 1-person start-ups through to the largest global enterprise customer and vendors. At the top-end, Adam managed the PMO for the largest internal software development team at Australia's largest telco, which peaked in size at 700 personnel, of which 75 worked in the PMO.

Adam's breadth of experience can be seen quantitatively in the 2-part article on Linked in "My Career in Numbers - A Data-driven IT Project Management CV" |

Adam's strength is to bring together people from all company areas and levels to work on value enablement through software or digital components. Adam does this by focusing the team on the outcomes that need to be enabled. 

Although experienced in most Plan-based and Agile methodologies, Adam is not bound to any specific one, preferring to assess each problem on a case-by-case basis and selecting the minimal toolset necessary to support each project.

You can see Adam's complete work experience, publications, and other information on LinkedIn - - and Adam blogs extensively on his website and other publications, e.g. Medium.

Table of Contents

    • Introduction
    • How to Read This Book
    • On Project Success
      • The source of project success.
      • Successful projects? We’ve got both kinds!
      • Why do projects fail?
      • If you want your project to succeed, move your ass!
    • On Projects and Project Management
      • The power of the dog.
      • What is a project?
      • Be the right kind of project manager.
      • Practice Minimal Responsible Intervention.
      • The last resort custodian.
      • Shut the fuck up and listen!
      • The essential skill for a Project Manager.
      • Are you a “kitchen hand” Project Manager?.
      • The Gowachin Project Manager
      • Projects are everywhere!
    • On Agency
      • Proceed until apprehended!
      • First Action! Then see what happens.
      • Every project has its own natural cadence.
      • There are two contrary forces in the world!
    • On Enablement
      • Do you have a system-based objective?
      • Understanding the cost of delay.
      • Always be looking for the $1.95 solution.
    • On Evolution
      • Everything in every project evolves!
      • Iteration without purpose = Brownian motion.
    • On Abundance
      • Abundance is the soul of your project.
      • To plan is to be human.
      • A project is a bridge.
      • A project is like a long corridor of many locked doors.
    • On Agile
      • Just because you want to do agile doesn’t mean you can.
      • The triple helix of Agile evolution.
      • The saddest oxymoron of the 21st century.
    • On Requirements
      • Do your customers’ answers confuse you?
      • If you can't define the enabled behaviour.
      • Non-functional requirements are a secret weapon.
      • A false separation.
    • On Project Debt
      • You borrowed tech debt from the worst kind of loan shark.
      • The root cause of technical debt.
      • There’s a bigger problem in your project than Tech Debt!
    • On Assumptions
      • Use assumptions to plug any hole in your planning.
      • Supporting the bridge to an unknown future.
      • Assumptions have Boxian qualities.
    • On Planning
      • Keep planning until you start making shit up.
      • That unforeseen crisis your project is having?
      • Planning is linear, but execution is non-linear.
      • The false foundation for detailed forecasts.
    • On Teams
      • A project is a lifeboat.
      • How do teams self-organise?
      • Stop rolling around in broken glass!
      • Project teaming happens quickly or not at all.
      • Every human action has a reason behind it.
      • Actual activity vs displacement activity.
      • Business people make lousy solutions architects.
      • Beware the one-person “team”!
      • When your project team complains.
      • What expectations does your team set for themselves?
      • Invest in alignment!
    • On Risk
      • It’s great to be the first penguin off the ice!
      • Everyone is fine with your risk management plan.
      • Why should every project succeed?
      • A stand-alone risk management process.
      • The most common project WOFTAM.
      • You need to manage Rissues organically.
    • More from Adam Russell
    • About the Author
      • Career Summary
      • A Career by Numbers
    • Copyright

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