Achilles in Erebos by Charlotte Benton [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Achilles in Erebos
Achilles in Erebos
Achilles in Erebos

Last updated on 2014-10-17

About the Book

The version of the Greek afterlife on display here is radically inaccurate.  Well, maybe not "radically," but it is pretty crazy in a few places.  (Though there was no firm, consistent belief as to what, exactly, it was like, so one has a little wiggle room anyway.)  This story represents my usual blend of Homeric and non-Homeric tradition, skewing slightly more towards the Homeric.

Eventually, I plan on sticking other short stories in here and making an actual collection.  Right now, it's just the one.

Once there are more, I might start charging, though.

Oh, btw, there's just a tiny amount of violence, and there are strong homoerotic sexual overtones.  Nothing graphic, but I just thought I should put in a warning, just in case.

About the Author

Charlotte Benton
Charlotte Benton

Charlotte Benton is working on a Master's Degree in History.

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